New SmartKnowledgeU Vlog #13 and Podcast #14: Gold & Silver Price Pullback and Confirmation Bias?

Tuesday, April 5th, 2016

by Here are a couple of links below to SmartKnowledgeU Vlog #13:  Get Ready for Another Banker Raid, and SmartKnowledgeU Podcast #14: Confirmation Bias and Emotional Neutrality, that we’ve released in the past few days to bring you-up-to date with our opinions in the gold and silver sector. Please don’t let these last two opinion […]

The One Personality Trait All Gold & Silver Investors Must Have

Monday, July 23rd, 2012

by Before one every buys a single troy ounce of gold and silver, one should ensure first and foremost that one understands that gold and silver are volatile in price every single year. Many people commit the same mistake in buying gold and silver that they commit when buying into the stock market – they […]

Fear & Panic are the Banking Cartel’s Weapons V. Gold & Silver

Thursday, May 17th, 2012

by Currently, there is massive negativity surrounding gold and silver and in particular, gold and silver mining stocks. At times like this, when gold and silver have taken a fairly brutal hit in a condensed period of time thanks to low daily trading volumes both in PM futures and PM stock markets that make it […]

Gold & Silver: This Time it IS Different

Wednesday, October 6th, 2010

by With gold and silver bulls, since the beginning of this new PM bull in 2001, the four dreaded words that every gold/silver bull has been reluctant to say because it has served as the kiss of death every time gold/silver has been on the verge of a seemingly enormous breakout, is “This time is […]

Sell US Real Estate, Buy Physical Gold and Physical Silver

Tuesday, September 7th, 2010

by Reality is the great antidote of hope. Whenever my colleagues and friends ask me for my global economic outlook, by the time I’m done, they always provide a cheeky response about the depressing nature of my outlook. However, the outlook doesn’t have to be depressing at all for those willing to face reality and […]