Is Banking the New Slavery? (And is This the Real Source for Escalating Tension Between Banker-Sponsored States and Russia?)

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Here is SmartKnowledgeU Vlog #11: Is Banking the New Slavery? (And is the Real Source for the Tension Between Banker-Sponsored States and Russia?). Here we discuss how even in the early 1800s, famed Russian author Leo Tolstoy recognized the potential for bankers to enslave humanity by subjecting all citizens around the world to a global banking system and his amazing prescience in writing extensively about this subject in the 1800s. We further discuss Tolstoy’s recognition that the State would use nationalism or patriotism in false manners to conjure up support for their actions while furthering such concepts to foster group/herd thinking among the people and to prevent critical thought.

Though many believe today that Russian President Vladimir Putin is part of the New World Order, his actions don’t agree with this view, as he has evicted George Soros’s NGO, the Open Society Foundation from Russia, as NGOs are often used as fronts to spread and organize dissension and opposition in nations and to overthrow governments. Though no one knows for sure if Putin is in cahoots with Western banking partners, I tend to believe that he is not, and the whole world will know the answer soon enough by how and if Putin chooses to use Russia’s considerable gold reserves in the future to stop the free fall of the Russian ruble and provide stability to the Russian ruble.

In any event, we can be sure that if Leo Tolstoy were still alive and running Russia, that undoubtedly Russia would be under attack by every single nation that has a Rothschild Central Bank running its monetary policy. Click the link below to watch the vlog.

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Posted: Monday, February 15th, 2016 @ 12:12 pm
Categories: currency wars.
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