Danger in Gold & Silver Markets is Elevated for the Next Couple of Weeks

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Whenever bankers have recently raid paper gold and paper silver prices, as they seem apt to do again within the next couple of weeks, many gold and silver owners lament the fall in fiat currency prices, which quite frankly shocks me. Number one, it surprises me because the long-term outlook for gold and silver, after four years of falling prices is clearly positive, in my opinion, no matter if they raid futures markets again soon. Secondly, those of us that own physical gold and physical silver shouldn’t lament the temporary fall in prices that happens from such banker raids because price is not equivalent to value, and the real value of gold and silver is its weight, and only its weight. If you understand this one simple rule, then one would understand that paper gold and paper silver, which have no weight, have no real value, and in the end, their prices in fiat currencies will never trump their value. I have made a 2-part SmartKnowledgeU Vlog called Ounces Over Dollars which addresses this topic in great detail, so if you are interested in watching this video, please subscribe to our YouTube channel here to learn of when we release these videos later this week.

Though a lot of people have quickly forgotten about the 1000 point drop in the DJIA index barely more than two months ago and now believe that this most recent, fantasy ramp-up higher of US stock markets is sustainable (it’s not), the necessity of owning physical gold and physical silver to protect against the Central Bankers’ currency wars may not yet be apparent to those that have been fooled by surface level manipulations that cover up the extreme fragility inherent in global stock markets. That is why understanding the grave differences between price and value, and perceived value and real value, in gold and silver markets are essential to making proper choices in wealth preservation strategies. Again, we will discuss these topics in detail in our soon-to-be-released SmartKnowledgeU vlog, Ounces Over Dollars.

In the meantime, here are some further stories in the news to further your understanding of such matters.

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Posted: Monday, October 26th, 2015 @ 10:26 am
Categories: Best Ways to Invest in Gold and Silver.
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