Gold & Silver Price Capping Measures: How Bullion Dealers Can Deal With It

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Gold & silver price capping measures still happening every month? Is this a problem for you, bullion dealers? In the below video we discuss how you can combat any potential CME gold & silver price capping measures to limit moves higher at 1% per day. After the CME has displayed ZERO effort and 100% negligence in responding to massive civilian complaints of the bullion banks regularly slamming gold and silver prices to the downside more than 2% a day literally dozens of times through all of 2013, its time bullion dealers started to fight back. Click the below image to play the video.


As for the employees that work at morally bankrupt agencies like the CFTC and the CME, here’s how to deal with them:

#AskJPM Fiasco Provides Blueprint to Rein in Criminal Banking Behavior

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Posted: Tuesday, May 6th, 2014 @ 9:18 am
Categories: gold and silver banker manipulation.
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