The Photo That Reveals Why US and EU Bankers Despise Russia’s Putin So Much

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Below is the photo that reveals why US and EU bankers constantly engage in media campaigns to smear Russian President Putin. As a quick experiment, type “Obama, gold” and “Cameron, gold” into Google images and you will discover that the searches come up empty.  Any similar photos to the one below by US President Obama or UK Prime Minister Cameron would be a massive betrayal of their puppet masters – the BIS, the IMF, the World Bank, the ECB, the BOE and the Federal Reserve.

Simply put, physical gold and physical silver are real money. The US dollar and the euro are not. Enough said.

Russian President Vladimir Putin displays his fondness for gold

Russian President Vladimir Putin displays his fondness for gold

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Posted: Thursday, March 6th, 2014 @ 7:54 am
Categories: best ways to invest in gold.
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  • Trouble is, most people here in the US prefer to bury their heads in the sand because it challenges their perception of reality & what they have been falsely taught over the last few generations vs reality.

    You don’t see this in nations that know what real money is & have have the rug pulled out from under them in the past.

    They’ve experience reality!