With Federal Reserve Uncertainty Out of the Way, the Gold and Silver Bull Will Now Resume

September 23rd, 2016
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Last year, we were consistent in stating all year that every dip in the price of gold and silver assets was a trap and false buying opportunity that would just precede lower prices. This year, we’ve been consistent in our message that every significant dip has been a true buying opportunity and would precede strong rebounds in the price in gold and silver assets.  For example, on 25 August, we wrote a piece titled, “Don’t Worry. Falling Gold and Silver Prices Equals Big Opportunity”, and well before that, on 21 June 2016, we penned a piece titled “Three Charts that Show Much Higher Gold and Silver Prices are Still Ahead.”


This time around, we informed our members that it didn’t matter what the Federal Reserve announced yesterday, that either announcement would turn out to be long-term bullish for gold and silver. However, I made it very clear that I believed the “do nothing” Fed would indeed do nothing a couple of days ago, and that such a do nothing decision would likely lead to an immediate spike in the price of gold and silver mining stocks, which is exactly what materialized. At the very start of this month, I provided concrete price levels to our Platinum Members at which I believed the gold and silver correction would reverse, at which time gold and silver stock prices would also reverse. Silver bottomed exactly in the narrow zone where I stated it would bottom, about 10% lower in price from its price at the start of this month, and gold bottomed less than $6 an ounce from the price point at which I stated gold would bottom. However, when the weakness that we predicted would happen this month indeed materialized, many were understandingly misled by bankers that “painted” a head and shoulders pattern in both the HUI Gold Bugs Index and the Global X Silver Miners ETF, into interpreting such a pattern to mean that an imminent significant further drop in gold and silver stock prices was on the way.




However, as all of you that have followed me for a while should know, I always state that technical chart patterns can never be interpreted in a vacuum because bankers often “paint” the charts in an attempt to influence future price behavior. Despite head and shoulder patterns that existed with both gold and silver stocks before the Fed Reserve bankers’ announcement this past Wednesday, I discounted the meaning of both of these patterns as highly suspect and unreliable as I believed that these charts were being “painted” in order to try to trigger further significant price drops in gold and silver assets. Still, I warned my Platinum members to expect further gold and silver stock price weakness last Friday, 16 September, many hours before market open in New York, and at a time gold and silver prices were still flat for the day. I alerted my Platinum Members that “it would not surprise me one bit…if bankers used their HFT algorithms to drive gold and silver prices down after NY open today [on 16 September 2016] and drove gold and silver stock prices lower.” Indeed, gold and silver stock prices were driven lower that day. However I countered that negative immediate-day prediction with optimism regarding price movements for this week, and a belief that there would be no further significant sell-off or follow-through after last Friday’s decline, by stating, “if Yellen does nothing on Wednesday, as I expect her to do, then a decent rebound in gold and silver stock prices should materialize on Wednesday [on 21 September 2016] , or later [in the same] week.”


Then, to reinforce my stance with our members, on 20 September, one day prior to the Federal Reserve announcement day during which gold and silver stocks spiked higher, I sent a bulletin to our CIO newsletter members, stating, I believe there to be little chance of Janet Yellen announcing an increase rate hike on Wednesday, even though Goldman Sachs bankers have been trying to sell this to the public as a real possibility in addition to the “hawkish” statements issued by US Central Bankers since the start of this month. It is this propaganda and so-called “uncertainty” that created weakness in gold and silver asset pricing last week. I, however, believe that the chances of the Feds announcing an interest rate hike this coming Wednesday are slim… If [ ] I am right, and the Feds stand pat and do nothing, then I expect the rebound in gold and silver and the accompanying PM stocks to be quite robust, and perhaps even immediate, as I feel that the “uncertainty” of their decision has been the cause of this latest downturn.”


If you notice above, I put the word uncertainty in quotes to emphasize the fact that, despite Goldman Sachs analysts announcing the possibility of the Feds hiking interest rates this past Wednesday at over 50% at the start of this month, I believed there to be little uncertainty about their decision. And when the “do nothing” Feds did nothing, many of our gold and silver stock picks rebounded by 5%+  this past Wednesday, with our junior gold and silver stock picks rebounding even further by 10% and more very rapidly.  With all that said, the reason I was bullish gold and silver in the immediate, short and long-term aftermath of a “do nothing” Federal Reserve announcement this past Wednesday and still bullish gold and silver in the short and long-term, even if the Feds announced a rate hike, was due to my belief that the main factor that created temporary weakness in gold and silver asset prices this past month was the so-called “uncertainty” surrounding the Fed’s decision. Even if the Feds shocked us by announcing an interest rate hike, then gold and silver asset prices would have dumped a little further, but not by a significant amount, and I still expected a strong rebound to materialize shortly thereafter in this hypothetical scenario after people came to their senses and realized that an insignificant 0.25% rate hike was not a real reason to dump gold and silver assets.


However, with the uncertainty over a possible US Central Banker rate hike now out of the way, gold and silver are now free to resume this year-long bull. Of course, I say this a bit tongue-in-cheek, because I never believed that there was any “uncertainty” over this Fed Reserve decision. Furthermore, as I stated above, even if the Feds had shocked and raised interest rates, that certainly would not have been a reason to dump gold and silver assets either. Remember, earlier this month, in our free newsletter, I stated, “Obviously buying at high, but fairly valued prices, is not a good strategy whereas buying at high, but still undervalued prices, can still be a low-risk, high reward strategy. It’s just a matter of identifying which gold and silver stocks, even with the current significant dip, still offer great value…And this is what we seek to do in our SmartKnowledgeU Member services.”  In fact, we had an immediate opportunity to help our most recent new Members that joined us this month accomplish the above, and many of our newest members are now sitting on some very healthy several week gains.


Recall that I also stated in the last issue of our free newsletter, the following: “I believe we have a very special situation in 2016 whereby the risk of junior gold and silver stocks is not that different from their larger cap PM stocks.” I still believe that to be true, especially after observing the price behavior of the best junior gold and silver stocks versus the behavior of the best major gold and silver stocks during this most recent correction. For the best junior gold and silver stocks, the price pullback continued to be less during the most recent period of weakness, and in some instances, nearly non-existent with our best junior gold and silver stocks, while the price recovery among our best junior gold and silver stocks was stronger this past Wednesday than their larger capitalized gold and silver stocks. In conclusion, with the Federal Reserve interest rate hike “uncertainty” not out of the way, banker propaganda can no longer be used in the short-term to keep gold and silver prices weak, and the gold and silver bull should resume again in short time. For those that may find it hard to understand how I can state that gold, silver, and gold and silver stock prices are all still heavily underpriced, even after the strong run of gold and silver asset prices year-to-date, remember that gold at $1,338 an ounce is barely higher than its 2015 high price of about $1,308 per ounce, and silver, which I consider to be even more heavily underpriced than gold, at under $20 an ounce now, is still only a dollar and change over its 2015 high of $18.50 an ounce.



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Don’t Worry. Falling Gold and Silver Prices Equals Big Opportunity

August 25th, 2016
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In mid-June of this year, I wrote an article stating that the gold and silver price rise was only getting underway. A little earlier that that, in our Member Services, we instructed our Members to purchase many gold and silver stocks. Even some of the PM stocks we just purchased this past June are still up, even after the large drop yesterday, by more than 25% and 49%, but unless the situation drastically changes in the next few weeks, we intend to hold through this temporary lull in prices, and to use this opportunity to add a few more gold and silver stocks to our portfolio at these now heavily discounted prices. So I don’t see this drop as a negative at all, but as a big opportunity, especially since a few of the gold and silver stocks we have been waiting to drop to purchase in our Member Services had now dropped 25% to 30% in price.


On 26 July 2016, after gold, silver, and PM (precious metal) stocks all pulled back in price, I wrote an article stating that the pullback was just temporary, and sure enough, the very day I released that article, gold and silver prices reversed again. And right now, we once again, are in the midst of another gold and silver asset price pullback. This isn’t the first time a significant pullback in prices has happened this year either. Back in May of this year, many gold and silver stocks dropped by more than 20% to 30% before resuming their climb higher. Depending on what Janet Yellen states this Friday in Jackson Hole, gold and silver asset prices may have even a little bit further to fall before reversing.

  Read the rest of this entry »

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The Current Gold and Silver Price Downtrend Will Prove to be Just a Temporary Lull in a Continuing Uptrend, Part 2.

August 23rd, 2016
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On 14 July 2016, after we purchased many gold and silver stocks in early June to add to very solid positions in physical PMs we’ve established since 2007, I sent this bulletin to our Platinum Members: “We may receive some weakness in the share prices of many of the stocks we hold now as they have increased quite strongly in a fairly short period of time, but we will continue to hold them unless stronger evidence arises in the immediate future that the support levels above for gold and silver prices may not hold.” Indeed from 15 July to 26 July, many gold and silver stocks pulled back in price to a fair degree.

On 26 July 2016, after the HUI Gold Bugs Index had pulled back by 9.4%, silver had pulled back 8.8%, and gold had pulled back 4.7% in a month’s time, there was chatter, as always, of a much greater possible continuing fall in gold and silver prices. In response, I wrote this article to dispel that notion, in which I stated my belief that the pullback we were experiencing at the time was only a temporary lull in a continuing uptrend in gold and silver prices that started at the end of last year. Read the rest of this entry »

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Meditation is the Key to Becoming a Great Investor

August 19th, 2016
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Every once in a while I write about topics that seemingly have nothing to do with investing, but for those that are able to connect the dots, they will actually find great value in these seemingly unrelated topics to wealth building and preservation strategies.

Recently, I wrote about a behavioral phenomenon called the “It Won’t Happen to Me” syndrome that prevents many of us from separating perceived reality from actual reality, and I discussed how acceptance of false precepts about investing and self-preservation can lead us to make wildly irresponsible decisions that are dangerous to our self-preservation, including decisions to do nothing when one should act. One of the easiest things we can do on a daily basis that won’t cost us a penny, yet can help us achieve a tremendous level of clarity that allows us to separate the false paradigms and precepts that we have often already embraced from the staggeringly different reality that often exists, is the simple practice of meditation. Read the rest of this entry »

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We’re Well Beyond the Point of No Return Now. Ignore Federal Reserve Policy Statements in Your Wealth Preservation Strategy

August 18th, 2016
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On 17 August at 2PM New York time, the Federal Reserve bankers will release minutes from their last meeting and traders may move some markets sharply in a knee-jerk reaction to what is contained in these minutes, but don’t let any irrational responses to Federal Reserve bankers steer your focus away from reality. I’ve been discussing the absurdity of planning an investment strategy around Federal Reserve banker policy statements for a long time now. Just check out my entry here from nearly a year ago, in which I discussed how Federal Reserve bankers absurdly rehashed the same statement for six straight years without ever stating anything new, and then in 2015, started placing interest rate hikes on the table again, but again, absurdly have since issued identical statements with slightly different language that virtually state nothing. Just visit their website and pull any of the archived statements from the past two years and you will encounter, in every statement, language that discusses “possible” interest rate hikes if sufficient progress has been demonstrated in the US economy towards their realized and expected objectives of “full employment and 2% inflation”. Read the rest of this entry »

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The Greatest Threat to Future Portfolio Yields is Adoption of the “It Won’t Happen to Me” Syndrome

August 15th, 2016
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Before I start today’s article, I just want to clarify one statement from my article about diversification in which I discussed how most gold and silver mining stocks are still undervalued heavily by comparing the cumulative market cap of all gold stocks in the HUI Gold Bugs index to the market caps of well-known single stocks like Apple, Facebook and Amazon. In that article, I posed the question if Apple’s market value really should be more than four times the market value of all the gold reserves and resource held by all the gold companies that comprise the HUI gold bugs index. Obviously, the public factors in the value of a company’s inventory, which in the case of a gold mining company, is its gold reserves and resources, into a determination of whether or not to buy its stock, which consequently affects its market capitalization. Consequently, by that that statement, I was merely referring to the public’s inferred net worth of this gold as represented by the cumulative market capitalization of these gold mining companies as compared to the market capitalization of Apple.

Moving on, today, I’m going to drill down on a human behavioral trait that I’ve discussed in the past, including here, and it’s the danger of the “It Won’t Happen to Me” syndrome. All of us have fallen victim to the “It Won’t Happen to Me” syndrome” at some point in our lives, whether it’s as simple as going swimming in waters where someone has been seriously injured, or even killed, due to a shark attack, or whether it’s ignoring the possibility of bank seizures in our own countries even though it’s already happened in Cyprus and other multiple red flags since then have been raised by the global banking industry themselves about the future possibility of similar events in multiple other countries.

However, when it comes to wealth preservation, falling victim to this belief could prove tragic over the next several years. Read the rest of this entry »

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The Bank of England Just Provided Us With More Reasons to Own Gold and Silver

August 5th, 2016
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Yesterday the Bank of England cut its main interest rate from 0.5% to 0.25% for the first time, marking its first interest rate change since March 2009, and provided all of us with more reasons to keep converting fiat currencies into physical gold and physical silver. In addition the BOE announced an increase in its QE bond-buying program of £60bn to £435bn. And in response, the British pound immediately fell by 1% to the USD and traders added to their British pound longs, exceeding previous record net long positions in the pound recorded three years ago. I understand that traders are seeking a stronger rebound in the British pound after its plunge post-Brexit, and since the process for the UK to exit the EU has not even begun since the yes referendum vote, traders may be right to assume that the British pound will eventually rebound significantly in strength following this rate cut after people realize that a Brexit yes referendum vote may translate into an indefinite stay of limbo for the UK within the EU. Read the rest of this entry »

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Why We Need a Much Better Plan Than Diversification to Survive the Next Couple of Years

August 4th, 2016
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The first time I’ve made the above claim was well over a decade ago, and I’ve stated it many times since, and this time probably won’t be the last time I discuss this topic. However, this year is an especially easy year to make this argument. If commercial fund managers are so insistent that diversification strategies work, then why have the bulk of them completely ignored the best performing asset class of 2016? What kind of diversification is that? (I will refute some of the better-known arguments in response to this question later in this article, so stay tuned.)

Consider that despite the stellar performance of gold mining stocks this year that have been, by far, the strongest performing asset class of 2016 (along with silver mining stocks), and that even with the massive growth in market cap of PM stocks during H1 2016, the total market cap of all the mining stocks that comprise the HUI Gold Bugs index, as of 2 August 2016, is still barely larger than 1/3 the market cap of Facebook and Amazon. In fact, we could own every single company in the entire HUI gold bug index, and their total market cap would incredibly be less than 1/4 the market cap of one company, Apple. Should Apple’s market value really be in excess of 4-times the market value (the cumulative market capitalization) assigned to all the companies that comprise the entire HUI gold bugs index, and all the gold reserves and resources held by them? Should Facebook, a glorified advertising company masquerading as a social networking organization that produces no tangible product, really possess a market value nearly 3 times all the gold mining companies that comprise the HUI Gold Bugs Index? The market will tell us that the answer to both these questions is yes. In my opinion, however, the answer to both of these questions is a resounding no, and I believe that within the next couple of years, the market will violently correct these misconceptions. So even with the great run higher in the prices of gold (and silver) mining share prices, the market is still underpricing these shares considerably. Read the rest of this entry »

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Can You Imagine the Mass Media Headlines if the S&P 500 Index Were Experiencing the Same Year as Gold and Silver Stocks?

August 1st, 2016
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Below, you can read the kool-aid infused headlines the mass financial media continues to sell the masses about the US stock market, including, “S&P500, Dow close at all time highs”, “S&P500, Dow eke out all-time closing highs”, “Dow, S&P 500 close at record highs”, and so on, with an article nearly every single day as of late, regarding record heights the US stock markets have been achieving. And just in case you’re not buying into this unsustainable, Central Banker driven artificial ramp-up of stock markets that has been manufactured for political reasons as we approach the November US Presidential elections, Marketwatch wants to remind you that “This aging bull market can grind out more all-time highs” and move even higher, without ever discussing the strong, real risks of buying into such a bloated market.


all time highs in US stock markets


In fact, Google “US stock market all-time highs, 2016”, and Google’s algorithms will ensure that if you missed the Marketwatch cheerleading and message of “good times are back again”, that you have an additional 33M results that will sell this story. Given the 33M mass media articles trumpeting the all-time highs of the US stock market, all apparently written just this year, one might be misled into thinking that buying US stocks must be the best game in town, right? The only problem is that if you look through all the smoke of the US financial marketing game, all you are left with year to date, had you invested in the US S&P 500 was a 6.64% yield ytd, and in the US DJIA, a 5.90% yield ytd. I suppose next to the woes of many of the top fund managers, such yields look sparkling, even if artificially manufactured out of thin air when the fundamentals do not support them. For example, Credit Suisse strategist Andrew Garthwaite recently wrote in a report to clients that discussed dismal yields for the past couple of years the fact that “his team has come across almost no one who seems to have outperformed or made decent returns this year” and “we have never had so many client meetings starting with statements such as ‘we are totally lost’.” 2015 was supposed to be the year that nothing worked, but apparently, despite the modest gains of US stock markets that are misleadingly being trumpeted as all-time highs that imply huge gains year-to-date, 2016 has also been the year that nothing has worked for many fund managers.

So here is the catch with all the above headlines regarding all-time highs of US stock markets. Read the rest of this entry »

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The Current Fall in Gold and Silver Prices Will Prove to be Just a Lull in a Strong Continuing Uptrend That Started Last Year

July 26th, 2016
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Currently, the prices of gold and silver assets have been taking a breather, so if you have been seeking a time to purchase, another opportunity will likely materialize between right now and the end of the summer. The time to buy assets are not when they are rising and in a frenzy, as many people mistakenly do when they commit the cardinal sin of chasing assets higher, but when asset prices are falling, are on sale, and when interest in them is declining.

As an example of some of the tremendous gains that junior gold and silver stocks yielded during the gold bull run of the 1970’s, Lion Mines appreciated from $0.07 a share in 1975 to $380 a share in 1980 for a legendary 542,000% gain. Mineral Resources gained 69,000% during this comparable investment period. More recently, in 2004, Afriore Limited rose from $0.29 a share to $8.72 a share for a 2,906% gain, Aurelian Resources rose from $0.25 a share to $10 a share in just seven months in 2007 for a 3,900% gain, and Kodiak Exploration rose from $0.35 a share to $4.50 a share in 2007 for a 1,186% gain. Earlier in this current gold and silver bull, at SmartKnowledgeU, we’ve already provided buy and sell strategies for a junior mining stock that gained more than 1,000% in a single year. In 2010, of 21 junior mining stocks we suggested buying and selling at specific prices, here were the returns in a single year:

+457.14%, +346.22%, +189.42%, +221.50%, +119.23%, +65.05%, +70.51%, +72.06%, +154.34%, +84.07%, +73.78%, +97.07%, +97.90%. +88.68%, +80.08%, +77.78%, +68.72%, +45.16%, +8.97%, -11.70%, -23.52%.

Eighteen of 21 were huge winners, and only two suffered losses.

During 2015, a time period when junior mining stocks and the HUI gold mining index crashed, here were the returns of the major, intermediate, and junior mining stocks we marked as our favorite stocks, based upon our buy and sell price points:

+121.0%, +75.6%, +64.9%, +60.1%, +53.3%, +46.4%, +40.3%, +35.1%, +32.4%, +26.3%, +24.7%, +18.1%, +17.8%, +15.8%, +12.9%, +15.2%, +13.4%, +5.8%, +3.6%, -1.3%, -15.7%, -3.6%, and -3.3%

Remember, we accomplished these returns in our Platinum Membership during a year in which the HUI gold mining index crashed and lost 32% and many junior mining stocks crashed and lost 35% to 40%. Furthermore, in 2015, we called near exact bottoms for gold and silver prices in the reports we distributed to our Platinum Members. We called for $13 to $14 an ounce silver as the bottom price in 2015,  and in December 2015, spot silver bottomed at $13.62 an ounce. We called for $1,050 an ounce gold as the bottom price for gold in 2015, and gold bottomed at $1,045.40 an ounce on 3 December 2015.

At the start of 2016, I recommended 32 total gold and silver mining stocks for consideration to purchase, after correctly telling our members that gold and silver prices had bottomed in December 2015. Given our massive outperformance of the market in 2015 in our Platinum Membership, when we returned big gains to our members during a year most junior mining stocks lost 30% to 40% in share price, we were a bit conservative during H1 2016, as we sold a lot of the PM mining stocks we purchased at the end of last year, later during Q1 2016, as we wanted to confirm the recovery in the mining stocks. However, even though we only benefited on the surge in PM mining stocks in H1 2016 with a handful of stocks, we still were able to capture some really nice yields on a few stocks during H1 2016, among them gains of +113.3% and +185.3%, for example. However, note that not one of the 32 PM stocks we suggested for purchase in H1 2016 suffered losses. Here are the yields of not just the best performing of our stocks, but the yields of all 32 of the PM gold and silver mining stocks we suggested for consideration during H1 2016 from the start of the year until July 2016.

+414.70%, +218.7%, +393.2%, +238.2%, +244.5%, +200.0%, +300.0%, +465.0%, +113.3%, +118.1%, +111.7%, +127.4%, +100.0%, +117.7%, +122.3%, +166.8%, +151.4%, +121.7%, +81.2%, +22.4%, +70.5%, +16.5%, +7.3%, +53.0%, +59.3%, +91.7%, +79.3%, +86.2%, +93.0%, +71.8%, +89.6%, +76.8% Read the rest of this entry »

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Proof That the Largest Gains of in the Best Gold and Silver Mining Stocks Are Still Ahead

July 4th, 2016
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As a follow up to my SmartKnowledgeU article article, “Three Charts that Show Much Higher Gold and Silver Prices Are Still Ahead”, posted on 21 June 2016, spot gold has since risen 5.8% higher while spot silver has exploded an incredible 14.3% higher in just the following eight trading days. Now that gold and silver have moved so rapidly over a short-time period, if they correct somewhat over the next several weeks, any correction will not be a cause for worry, though Goldman Sachs will likely try to sell us once again on their 2016 mantra of gold falling below $1,000, as they’ve been pushing this meme anytime gold has experienced any type of temporary resistance or fall this year.

Eleven days prior to this posting, given our belief that “much higher gold and silver prices” were ahead, we informed both our Platinum Members and Crisis Investment Opportunities Members to purchase two mining stock positions on 10 June 2016. In that alert, I explained, “Silver looks very bullish again so let’s put the following amounts of cash in our portfolio to work ”, proceeding to suggest purchasing two mining stocks that appeared to have huge very immediate upside. And those two vehicles promptly and very rapidly soared respectively by 27.72% and 37.98% higher from 10 June to 1 July. In fact, one of these two assets was not even a gold or silver asset, but another precious metal asset. There was another asset category that we identified with huge potential at the start of June that we believed would be carried higher with the rise in gold and silver, and indeed, it was. Finally, a third asset that all SmartKnowledgeU members held throughout the month of June rose higher by 23.29% just from the start of June to the first day of July. Since we posted our opinion of “much higher gold and silver prices” on the way and accordingly purchased many gold and silver mining stocks in June, our CIO portfolio racked up 12.31% gains last month. In addition, our Platinum Members hold a few junior mining stocks that we purchased early on in 2016, that as of 1 July, have respectively risen in price by 100%+ and 86%+. Read the rest of this entry »

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The Number One Reason to Buy Gold and Silver is NOT What You Think It Is

July 2nd, 2016
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Republishing rights: You may reprint the first two paragraphs of this article with a link back to the original article on smartknowledgeu.com/blog. This article may not be reprinted in full without the expressed written consent of smartknowledgeu.com. If you are reading this article in full on another site, please report this copyright violation to smartknowledgeu.com.


The number one reason to buy physical gold and physical silver (not paper gold and paper silver, which is not the same thing) is very likely not what you think it is. I can deduce the number one reason why most people buy gold and silver simply from the disproprotionate amount of questions I receive about buying gold and silver whenever gold and silver prices are rising significantly versus when gold and silver prices are falling. In other words, most people believe that that top reason they should buy gold and silver is to profit from rising prices. However, this is far from the best reason to buy physical gold and physical silver. Furthermore, there is a fundamental difference in the mindset of the person that buys gold and silver, seeking a quick profit, and of the person that buys gold and silver as insurance against the inevitable destructive black swans that will continue to materialize in the global banking and monetary system.


The number one reason to buy physical gold and silver, bar none, is the global currency rot that is happening today, that is relentless, and that Central Bankers are now helpless to stop (though they are responsible for creating it). Of course, some may say that benefiting from rising fiat currency prices of gold and silver is the same reason as protecting onself against currency rot, but in reality, these two reasons for buying gold and silver are as different as night and day, and here’s why. Of those that want to benefit from rising fiat currency prices of gold and silver, the vast majority are looking for a quick score, and they buy gold and silver for this reason without even taking the time to truly understand the value of gold and silver. Those seeking a quick profit from ownership of gold and silver typically fail to understand that: Read the rest of this entry »

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Why Intelligent Gold and Silver Mining Company CEOs are Deferring Current Production From Sales

June 21st, 2016
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Republishing rights: You may reprint the first two paragraphs of this article with a link back to the original article on smartknowledgeu.com/blog. This article may not be reprinted in full without the expressed written consent of smartknowledgeu.com. If you are reading this article in full on another site, please report this copyright violation to smartknowledgeu.com.


In the last article, I discussed why, despite the very strong recovery in gold and silver prices that have occurred ytd in 2016, that the uptrend has been just that – a recovery – and not anything close to one resembling a breakout as of yet. Despite very solid gains ytd, USD gold and silver prices have not even surpassed the highs of 2015 as of yet on a weekly close.


In the past I’ve repeatedly discussed in our membership materials how silver mining companies delayed bringing production of silver to the market for sale due to ridiculously low prices of silver in past years. I continue to call for more silver companies to suspend sales in 2016 at least until USD silver prices rise above $30 an ounce, as continuing to bring current silver production to market for sale at prices below $20 an ounce illustrates no understanding of banking cartel silver price suppression schemes that have totally disconnected prices from supply and demand fundamentals of the physical silver market. Unfortunately, the PM mining industry is full of management teams that are (1) neither interested in helping humanity by pushing a sound money agenda even though the very product they mine is equivalent to sound money, or (2) cater to the whims and unproductive interests of the banking industry rather than the best interests of the people and the people that invest in their stocks. We should all take the time to identify those special management teams in the PM industry that look out for our interests and support these companies much more so than the others that still bow down to banking interests. Read the rest of this entry »

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