Why the “Gold is Ready to Explode Higher Any Day” Narrative Hurts the Truth Movement About Gold

May 21st, 2018
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I have long lamented the incessantly click-bait “gold ready to explode higher any day” and “silver ready to explode higher any day” headlines that torment the precious metals community frequently throughout most years.  I have always kept hedging strategies in anticipation of these large price raids, and notification of bottom price targets and notifications of reversals in prices exclusive to my clients, though I certainly have released my share of general warnings about lower prices in opposition to those have called for imminent breakouts higher on my blog here and through my various social media (skwealthacademy) channels, most recently calling for lower gold and silver prices on the way on my SnapChat channel (skwealthacademy) before rising prices could be sustained.

The unfortunate part of click-bait gold and silver headlines is that they almost never come true and they raise serious skepticism about other solid information such websites that release such click-bait type of headlines generate, especially regarding the manipulation of PM prices lower by pro-petrodollar, anti-gold, anti-sound money Central Bankers. Consequently, it is of my opinion that such click-bait gold and silver price headlines perform massive damage to the understanding of reality and truth about gold and silver prices in the precious metals community as they erode all confidence about other articles that promote truth (even ones that appear on the same website).

To begin, such headlines have almost zero beneficial impact to anyone, as exact breakout dates of gold/silver prices are notoriously difficult, if not impossible, to predict. Thus, the release of articles that gold/silver price breakouts will happen “any day” is almost guaranteed to compel wrong decisions that lead to losses by the type of naïve investors that place all their faith in such articles. Secondly, there is nothing wrong with articles that state that consolidation patterns are forming that point to higher prices in the intermediate term with no implication that a massive breakout is on its way in just days or a couple of weeks. Many click-bait gold and silver articles are clever enough to never name a specific date while implying that the breakout is just days to a couple of weeks away. And these are the ones that perpetually damage the truth movement in gold and silver to the point where one can show GATA discovered documents whereby bankers make admissions of manipulating gold prices lower, show them to a skeptic, and still have a skeptic dismiss them as rubbish.

This is the result of a brainwashing process that ex-KGB agent Yuri Bezmeanov elucidated, whereby one could drag a skeptic of government-committed atrocities to a gulag, show the skeptic dead bodies and solid evidence of these atrocities, and the result would be the skeptic claiming that the whole scene was fabricated, with dead bodies flown to the site by those that wanted to fool him into rebuking his loyalty to the State. So this is my sincere request for all those in the gold and silver community to cease writing such click-bait headlines as we need to eradicate all these type of articles if we really want to properly prepare people for the time when the bubble of everything (BOE) collapses. This is not a call to eradicate any articles whereby opinions are provided, as everyone, including yours truly, has been wrong about intermediate-term predictions in the past, as it is humanly impossible to have a 100% positive track record. However, this is a call to eradicate all articles in the gold and silver community about specific price predictions with specific dates, as those types of articles are near guaranteed to be 100% wrong, and to eradicate all articles with sensational headlines, as those types of articles are nearly 100% guaranteed to lead green investors into bad decisions. Even if one 100% believed that a higher breakout of gold/silver prices is “imminent” within days, a better way to write such articles to protect against the possibility of such events not materializing, as is the case almost all the time, is to caution against excessive optimism until the breakout has been confirmed.

And in response to the recent wave about imminently higher gold and silver prices, here is a warning for those positioned for an imminent breakout. My own analysis shows that there is a strong possibility for further significant falls in gold prices, which would likely drag silver prices down further as well, before the big breakout happens. Will this prediction be right? Again, this is just my opinion as of 21 May, when gold prices are at $1,290 an ounce and silver prices are $16.42 an ounce as I write this sentence. For those of you that follow me on Snapchat, even as silver prices rose at the end of last week in contradiction to falling gold prices, my Snapchat followers know that I warned that intraday spikes higher in silver and gold prices were likely temporary, with the bottom not yet in, before the big downward spike in gold prices happened last week. However, as I re-assess my position every day based upon further data, this is my opinion as of right now, and it could change or be reinforced further based upon additional data over the next few days (and I will inform my clients as such). Sometimes, downward falling gold and silver prices can quickly reach a bottom, and on occasion, violent reversals in PM prices do happen from a bottom. Still, you won’t find me predicting crashes to $1,200 gold or $10 silver or parabolic rises to $10,000 gold or $100 silver, because sensational predictions to the downside serve about as much purpose as sensational click-bait headlines to the upside. Besides driving traffic to the upside, they provide little to no education about the future of gold and silver prices.

Before I end this article, I want to state that 1 100% believe that manipulation lower of gold and silver prices is real, with manipulation to the upside occasionally taking place as well, though manipulation lower is far more common. If manipulation was not real, then YouTube/Google likely would not have censored my YouTube channel to the point where they choked off nearly all views on my channel from 20,000+ views per video with less than 15,000 subscribers to just a few hundred views per video even though my subscriber base more than doubled to 30,000 subscribers. Secondly, Google wouldn’t have refused to pay me my rightfully earned substantial accumulation of thousands of dollars of Google Ad revenues on this very blog years ago (after which I removed Google Ads from this website) while refusing to answer of my inquiries demanding an explanation for their decision had this blog not contained information that threatened their world order. But have no fear, I will continue to upload more content on Steemit and D-Tube as well as my The Tao of SKWealthAcademy Podcast, which you can find on iTunes, in the near future. Remember, all, even though people with money will always try to silence the truth, we have different avenues open to us to pursue and we don’t need to stay on Twitter, Google, YouTube, and Facebook to address our audience. In fact, we shouldn’t.

Republishing Rights: The above article is copyrighted by SmartKnowledge Pte Ltd and may not be reprinted with explicit written consent of the author without copyright violation.

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Is Bitcoin a Trojan Horse? SKWA Podcast Episode_003, Parts 1 & 2

January 5th, 2018
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To listen to Part 1 and Part 2 of a multi-part series of the very real and serious potential for bitcoin to be a massive Central Banking/ government Trojan Horse to convince the entire world to embrace further currency enslavement through a 100% trackable cryptocurrency and to usher in a cashless, 100% digital currency world, please refer to the podcast episode download and access links below. Though I state in Part 1 that I believe bitcoin is a currency, as of the end of 2017/ start of 2018, it is much too volatile to even act as a currency, because price stability is necessary for any long-term currency. Consequently, at this stage, it is a purely speculative asset and cannot serve as a currency until price stability solidifies. Had I recorded this episode with the express purpose of producing a viral episode, I would have merely repeated my support for current blindly accepted mainstream narratives, such as the one that bitcoin is a decentralized, disruptive technology that is anti-banking. However, my focus in this series is to intelligently discuss the real problems of bitcoin’s unknown origins and the many problems with the mass media narratives that have been built and disseminated to not only cover up these unknowns but also to falsely turn these unknowns into knowns. Hopefully, I will fulfill these objectives regarding this very important subject matter, as our freedom depends on recognizing the truth when it comes to digital currencies. Enjoy!

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The Brand New Tao of SKWealthAcademy Podcast is Up and Running with New Episodes Now!

December 15th, 2017
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Ladies and Gentlemen,

All episodes of the brand new “The Tao of SKWealthAcademy Podcast” are now available NOT at this website but at this link at the blubrry podcast site. Please bookmark this link for easy reference. To receive notifications of all NEW episodes as soon as they are uploaded, please subscribe to our podcast at that link. To download our podcast episodes to listen to them later, please follow our iTunes podcast link here.

Below are the episodes now available on the links above, with new episodes arriving soon!

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How to Cure Boredom and Loneliness: The Tao of SKWealthAcademy Podcast, Episode_002

Bitcoin is a Trojan Horse: The Tao of SKWealthAcademy Podcast, Episode_ 003, Part I

Why the Royal House of Saud and The New BRICS Alliance Will Be Gold Bullish in 2018: The Tao of SKWealthAcademy Podcast, Episode_004

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2017 Global Physical Gold and Silver Demand: A Fact Vs. Propaganda Update

October 11th, 2017
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Recently, the western banking cartel media has been out in full force to mislead everyone regarding a narrative of falling and “soft” demand for physical gold and physical silver, as they typically frame the market in the US as representative of the global market when this is patently false. Furthermore, the usual suspects, like Goldman Sachs bankers, have piled on to this misinformation by calling for a plunge in gold prices, but more on that later. First let’s discuss the misleading statistics being disseminated by the mainstream financial media regarding physical gold and physical silver demand. Last month Reuters reported plummeting silver Eagle coin sales for Q3 at 3.7 million ounces, and attempted to frame weak US physical silver demand as weak overall silver demand by calling the silver coins data “the lowest in 10 years”. Furthermore, they attempted to frame physical gold demand as weak by referring to the Q3 2017 American gold eagle coins sales of 38,500 ounces as a 80% plunge from the same quarter, prior year. If you were to read just this one article to gauge physical gold and physical silver demand worldwide, you would likely believe that demand was dead and that no one was interested in buying physical gold or silver anymore, as the Reuters journalist literally provided zero context to these numbers. As I’ve repeatedly stated for the past 10 years, anyone can use statistics to present a biased and false picture of reality by stripping presented data of any context. This is precisely what the Reuters journalist did.

Furthermore, Bloomberg hopped on the “no one wants to buy physical gold and physical silver” Reuters bandwagon as well with a similar narrative of gloomy gold demand by reporting last week that “sales of gold coins [in the United States] in the first nine months of the year shrank to the lowest in a decade.” As well, various mainstream US financial websites prominently reported that demand for US Mint produced gold bullion has fallen off a cliff this year, with the first 5-months of 2017 only generating 185,500 ounces of gold sales, yielding a projected 2017 annual figure of only 445,200 AuOzs sold.

And while all of the above figures are factual and true, they are entirely misleading when it comes to global physical gold and physical silver demand as all the data are provided out of context, and within a very narrow lens that presents US gold bullion and silver bullion sales as the most important data in the entire world. In fact, American physical gold and physical silver consumption is irrelevant to global physical gold and physical silver demand as these figures pale in comparison to aggregate physical gold and silver consumption in China, India, and Japan. Though aggregate gold demand in all three of these countries far outweighs aggregate gold demand in the United States, and gold demand on the Asian continent is far more representative of total global demand, I can use one country, China, without even discussing the details of the enormous physical gold demand in India and Japan this year, to prove my point. Before I continue with a discussion of Chinese physical gold demand this year, let me just briefly note that for the first seven months of this year, India’s gold imports more than doubled over the prior year to 550 tonnes. With another 150 to 200 tonnes of gold estimated to be illegally smuggled into India, a conservative figure for India gold demand this year amounts to about 637.5 tonnes, or more than 20.5M AuOzs, for the first 7 months of this year. Recall that annual sales of gold bullion in the United States from the US Mint for the entire year are projected to be 2.4% of the 7-month Indian demand, yet Reuters and Bloomberg journalists discuss US Mint bullion sales in American media, providing zero context of global demand, as if they are the barometer for the entire global industry.

In China, gold and silver panda coin sales only make up a small portion of the overall demand for physical gold and physical silver as in 2016, only 1M China gold panda coins and 8M China silver panda coins were minted. For this reason, let’s compare physical bullion bar consumption in China to US Mint gold bullion sales, though I want to stress that we are not comparing apples to apples when doing so. Of course, the US mint figure does not include coin and bar sales of independent US bullion dealers, as there is no reliable source that aggregates these numbers in the United States every year. Still, since most “gold” sales in the United States occur in the form of paper gold and the GLD ETF, I’m going to assume that independent dealer sales of physical gold are not going to inflate the US mint number that significantly. In China, the best source of aggregated individual retail purchases of gold bullion bars is provided by the Shanghai Gold Exchange (SGE), as various Chinese banking sources have confirmed that the PBOC, the Chinese Central Bank, does not buy any of its gold on the SGE, and that all withdrawals represent private demand in China.

In the first 8 months of this year, according to data provided by the SGE, the Chinese withdrew an aggregate of 1.29 M kgs of physical gold. Annualized, this figure amounts to approximately 62,230,302 ounces of physical gold. Because recycled gold has to flow through the SGE, this figure is actually slightly higher than real demand, but even if we consider 5% of all withdrawn SGE gold to be recycled gold, and subtract an estimated 5% from this number, then annualized wholesale demand for physical gold in China would still be an estimated more than 59M AuOzs. Note that this figure only represents the official amount of physical gold being withdrawn from the SGE and does not represent wholesale and retail gold bullion purchases from banks, independent dealers and from neighboring countries like Hong Kong, as many Chinese often buy gold when in Hong Kong and then import it back into China. Thus, even if we add a 20% premium to the US annualized physical gold purchase number above to represent all physical gold purchased outside of the US mint, we are speaking about a minimum of 59M AuOzs purchased in China this year versus 445,200 * 1.2 = 534.2k AuOzs purchased in the United States.

In other words, US demand for physical gold is likely less than 1% of Chinese demand and less than 2.5% of Indian demand, yet US financial media has repeatedly framed physical gold and silver demand as cratering for the duration of this year thus far, by deceptively only reporting cratering numbers for physical gold demand in the United States. Even taking into account the 1.4 billion people that live in China versus the 325M people that live in the United States, we are talking a giant discrepancy in physical gold demand as there are only 4.3 times more Chinese than Americans, yet physical gold demand is not 4.3 times more, but 110 times more. In addition, the Economic Times, the Financial Express, and the World Gold Council all have pegged private physical gold ownership in India at more than 643M AuOzs, and Koos Jansens of BullionStar has produced similar estimates for private physical gold ownership in China. While I have read articles regarding how estimates are calculated for private gold ownership in India and China and found them to be credible, I have not yet discovered any estimates about private gold ownership in the United States to be credible, so it’s difficult to know how private US gold ownership stacks up to India and China other than to estimate that it is a fraction of the ownership in these two countries.

Finally, the same shenanigans that happen with US financial media reporting regarding physical gold sales happen with their reporting of physical silver sales as well. YTD, up until August, the SGE reports that retail withdrawals of silver have amounted to 990,105 kg, or about 31.8M AgOzs. Annualized this amounts to roughly 48M AgOzs and again if we estimate 5% of this figure to be recycled silver, then Chinese wholesale demand for silver for 2017 will still amount to more than 45M AgOzs. The US Mint reported that silver bullion sales for the first 5-months of the year were 11.2 M AgOzs, or less than 27M AgOzs annualized. In the case of silver, since the Chinese population is 4.3 times larger than the American population, the per capita sales of silver is weaker in China than in the US. However, it is still extremely misleading for Reuters to try to paint a collapsing demand of physical silver by reporting, as they did last month, that “third-quarter sales of American Eagle silver coins fell to the lowest in 10 years.”

In China, the retail demand for physical silver will likely not be the driving force for silver usage for the next 5 to 10 years, but it will be industrial demand that drives overall physical silver consumption patterns. China currently plans to clean up one of its most persistent problems, heavily polluted air in its major cities, by aggressively pursuing a plan of solar energy to replace less green energy sources. Just last month, Xin Guobin, the Vice-Minister of Industry and Information Technology, stated that China had begun “relevant research” to establish a timeline to phase out petrol and diesel vehicles in the Chinese market and a desire to add 20 gigawatts of solar power annually nationwide. In order to achieve this, China would need to utilize about 56M AgOzs a year to produce 20 gigawatts of solar power. Furthermore, other countries outside of China have also stated a desire to rely on solar energy much more heavily over the next 5 years, also increasing global demand for silver. With the declining silver prices in the past few years, one would be mistakenly led to believe, based upon what every student learns in Economics 101 class in business school, that supply has been exceeding demand by a healthy margin every year for the past 5 years. However, this is not the case. For the last several years, according to the Silver Institute, global silver supply, every year, has been insufficient to meet global silver demand. In addition, global silver mine production decreased in 2016 for the first time since 2002 from a base of about 1 billion AgOzs of production per year in years past to just 885.8M AgOzs. This year, global silver mine production is once again expected to fall again for the second time in the last 15 years. With many of the world’s largest silver mines suffering depleting reserves at a rapid pace and many of the world’s largest silver mines suffering shorter LOMs, I suspect that global silver mine production may have peaked last year at a time when global demand will be significantly increasing.

But don’t let the above facts get in the way of incessant price suppression schemes executed against spot prices of gold and silver via the paper gold and paper silver markets by the Rothschild Central Banks and the large Wall Street commercial banks. In fact, just on schedule, as I was looking for the latest Goldman Sachs banker propaganda to prop up digital currencies and to take down gold prices, the bankers certainly did not disappoint. Yesterday, Goldman Sachs bankers Sheba Jafari and Jack Abramovitz stated they now expect gold to retreat back to $1,100 an ounce from its current price of around $1288, a very transparent effort to help out the still very large commercial banking short gold positions still held that are firmly in the red at the current time. By the way, Sheba Jafari is the Goldman Sachs analyst that has also continually projected significantly higher prices for BTC every time the BTC price has significantly corrected at any point this year. In other words, Jafari seems to always state gold negative, and BTC positive positions, as one would expect a banker to do. There is little doubt that all the Western financial media attention given to BTC has diminished the luster of physical gold this year. Given that commercial banks still have large short gold and short silver positions outstanding at the current time, and given that their analysts are trying to manufacture another retreat in prices, price behavior in gold and silver may be volatile from now until the end of the year. However, even if they are successful in manufacturing another volatile drop in spot prices so they can profitably exit their current gold and silver shorts, I do not expect such a drop to have a long life span, as such a drop, if it happens, will have been entirely artificially manufactured and be viewed as just another opportunity by the Chinese, Russians, Indians, and Japanese to scoop up more physical gold/silver at bargain prices.

As an interesting final note, the Russian Central Bank has now followed the PBOC in banning all exchanges that allow trading of cryptocurrencies that have no intrinsic value. It seems to me that lines in the sand are being drawn between the Western Central Banks that clearly desire to take the world to a 100% digital cryptocurrency platform to replace their currently failing 98% digital fiat currency system and the BRICS nations that clearly desire physical gold to be an integral component of their currency system moving forward, with perhaps a slight speed bump in India, as Indian PM Narendra Modi seems to temporarily have been captured by Western banking interests in pushing a digital currency agenda. In my humble opinion, the best way to prepare for the coming massive global asset bubble collapse is still to purchase physical gold and physical silver at these insanely low prices at the current time.

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What to Expect From the FOMC Meeting Today

September 20th, 2017
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In my last newsletter, which you can subscribe to here, I stated that one should not be misled by the immediate gold and silver price movements that result from the geopolitical instability around North Korea, as the intra-day volatility in gold and silver prices caused by geopolitics will not change either the short-term price trends or long-term gold and silver price behavior that is ultimately still decided by the global currency wars and the crumbling purchasing power of major global currencies like the US dollar, Euro and Yen. I also mentioned that “since inception of our CIO newsletter, our CIO newsletter portfolio has still easily outperformed the S&P500 by nearly 20% and our benchmark XAU Gold and Silver Index by more than 140% over this multi-year period. To accomplish this, we have not been blindly bullish gold and silver every year, but have been bearish gold and silver assets [when appropriate] and [have] taken appropriate hedges when needed to guard against downturns in gold and silver asset prices.”

Though I speak of general trends in this newsletter, I supply specific strategies to my subscribing members of my CIO newsletter and Platinum membership, and two things I spoke of in the last newsletter came to fruition in my subscription memberships. Last week, we locked in gains on some PM mining stocks and opened up some hedges that would rise in price in the event gold and silver prices fell, as I felt a short-term downward trend in gold and silver was about to happen. Both turned out to be solid moves as the PM (precious metal) mining stocks we sold have since dropped in price and our hedges have risen in price in significant amounts for a one-week timeframe. Read the rest of this entry »

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Is There Any Validity to the Claim that Bitcoin Could be a Trojan Horse? (v2.0)

September 15th, 2017
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by JS Kim

This article is copyrighted, and subject to all international copyrighting laws. Republishing of this article is strictly prohibited unless expressed written consent has been given by SmartKnowledge Pte Ltd. First published on 15 August 2017 and updated on 14 September 2017.

Is There Any Validity to the Claim that Bitcoin Could Be a Trojan Horse, v2.0

I am presenting this article again here for the following reason. Though the original article remains intact, the additions to the original article are substantial and significant to merit re-releasing this article for those that wish to read the significant additions. In addition, please subscribe to our smartknowledgeu YouTube channel here, as we will soon upload an audio transcript on our YouTube channel, in the next few weeks, with links in the show notes to the podcast version of this article for those that want to listen to an audio version of this article.

A Critical Thinker’s Exposition of Bitcoin

This will not be an article that gains a lot of likes because it will present a challenge for people to think, and we live in a world where our thoughts have been co-opted by those that tell us what to think and trick us into believing that our beliefs are based upon our own critical thoughts. Being trapped within “the matrix” without realizing it is a constant theme I address in my vlogs, so if this topic interests you, please check out and subscribe to my youtube channel here, youtube.com/smartknowledgeu. I could choose to write an article that would be overwhelmingly “liked” and “thumbed up” and that would have a chance of going viral just by repeating the most widely held beliefs about BTC, because human nature dictates that people love to hear the very things they want to be told, but then I would have to omit my most pressing concerns and any critical analysis about the rapidly growing adoption of BTC and other currencies from such an article. In fact, it would be in my best interest to pen an article about how great BTC is, that everyone who buys it now will be filthy rich in 2 years, and that it is the disruptive currency for which we all have been waiting our entire lives that will free us from the financial enslavement of the global banking cartel. I have no doubt that my social media following would increase significantly were I to pen such a non-thinker’s article, and that I could conjure up significant additional business simply by advocating BTC as the hot asset. To the contrary, writing this article that critically analyzes the possibility of BTC being a Trojan Horse is likely to have the opposite effect, so why would I write such an article, as people love to be told what they want to hear, and this article surely will not be that article. The reason I’m writing this article is because the exercise of raising critical valid questions about BTC that still remain unanswered or answered incorrectly today is critical to the future of humanity, as you will see if you take the time to read this article in its entirety. Visionary author of 1984 and Animal Farm, George Orwell, once stated, “Freedom is the right to tell people what they do not want to hear.” I am going to exercise that freedom in regard to BTC in this article.

We should all know by now that in the financial world, when new technologies are presented as black and white, that there are always shades of grey that exist out of the scrutiny of the public eye. We have all been fooled in the past by things presented to us in the past by the banking establishment as “anti-banking”, and bankers have pooled this psychological heist upon us literally dozens of times, so our ability to be fooled again should not persist. But yet it does. Therefore, the bigger, much more complex challenge, and the one I undertook in this article, was not to regurgitate the widely-accepted “feel-good” narratives accepted by most in the BTC community, but to challenge them with a thoughtful and critical eye. Furthermore, before I lose any of the pro-BTC crowd than I’ve already lost in the first two paragraphs of this article, let me state that I believe that BTC is a currency, but it does not meet the qualifications for sound money, and that depending on how these currency wars play out, that I even believe it is possible for BTC to be around for a long time, though not for the reasons I’ve heard stated by most BTC holders. Read the rest of this entry »

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Gold and Silver: False or True Breakout?

August 29th, 2017
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Here’s what I had to say about spot silver prices a few weeks ago in my free newsletter (you can sign up for it here): “Silver [was] smashed considerably lower than $15.68 to $14.34, but that smash, as I had predicted, literally only lasted but for a New York minute, as most of the smash from above $16.00 an ounce to $14.34 was literally regained in just a few minutes.” And since then, silver has risen from that smash low of $14.34 by a whopping 22.2% in less than two months to its current price of $17.52 as I write this sentence. I also wrote in these free newsletters that interest in gold and silver assets, due to cryptocurrency price spikes, are at lows that rival the lack of interest during the 2008 financial crisis, when Central Bankers smashed gold lower than $700 an ounce and silver to sub $9 an ounce prices. I stated a month ago that the extreme level of disinterest in gold and silver assets, given their wealth preservation qualities that have withstood centuries of time and the current escalation of the global currency war, was quite ludicrous. I further stated that the low prices of gold and silver assets were a bargain that everyone was overlooking, and continue to overlook today, given the instability of the global fiat currency system and due to the ongoing mania in cryptocurrency prices. And I still believe that gold and silver asset prices will boom in the coming future, even though many previous gold and silver bugs have completely given up on gold and silver and even mistakenly traded in their ENTIRE physical gold and silver stacks for cryptocurrencies today.

The extreme efforts of the global Central Banking cartels to continue to control gold and silver prices, including the massive dump of gold and silver prices to cause huge price spikes downward, pre-Janet Yellen speech last Friday, continue to clearly illustrate that the number one threat to their fiat currency system is not any cryptocurrency, but physical gold and physical silver. The intolerable and unacceptable situation taking place in Venezuela, where it has been reported that 3 out every 4 people in the country has lost an average of 8.7kg of weight (nearly 20 pounds) in the past 12-months, illustrates the most dire effect of the Central Banker-led currency wars, in which they have destroyed the purchasing power of the Venezuelan bolivar and destroyed most of the savings of people in their country, even though the mass media is squarely and falsely laying all the blame on their citizens’ dire financial condition on their current and former Presidents.

In any event, let’s take a quick look at a couple of charts below. We see that gold’s break above $1,300 was a very important break not because $1,300 is a nice even number, but because the five previous weeks this year (the circled weeks on my chart) gold tried to break through this barrier, Central Bankers rebuffed each prior attempt. Furthermore, as the below chart is a weekly gold chart, I am not even illustrating the multiple times in daily gold charts in which gold has been rebuffed multiple times in past weeks during daily trading sessions when it approached the $1,300 mark. Of course, the end of each month is a historically week performance period for spot gold and spot silver prices, so even if bankers attempt to rebuff gold and silver prices again in the next few days, if gold can close this week above $1,300, that is all that matters. If this happens, then this will be a very positive development. If it is pushed back below $1,300, then once again, the sustainable upward trend in gold prices will have been delayed. However, you can also see that several weeks ago, spot gold prices already broke above its 50 and 200-week average as well as above its weekly downward trend line. Thus, a weekly-close above $1,300 this week, followed by another weekly close above $1,300 the next week will be a very important development.


gold breakout

gold breaking out?


Regarding silver, you can see from my circled prices on the weekly spot silver chart that every time bankers have dumped paper silver in the silver futures markets in London and New York to suppress prices this year, that silver has rebounded, but each time, only rebounded to previous levels or topped out at a lower high. You can also see that weekly silver, with yesterday’s significant price rise, broached both the 50 and 200-week averages in one day, but even if silver prices are pushed back below the 200-week average in the next few days, as long as it stays above the 50-week average at week’s end, this will be a very positive development for silver. You can also see a red rectangular box I’ve drawn in the chart below, as the weekly silver spot price will need to continue to rise and close within this rectangle to close at a higher high after suffering a price knock down, something it has not done all year. This will be a very positive development when it happens before year-end. As well, if the silver spot price can broach the top of that rectangular price range, this event will be strongly significant towards the building of a sustainable higher silver price trend.

silver breakout

silver breaking out?

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SKWealthAcademy Vlog_004: Break Free From the Controlling Matrix of Life!

August 29th, 2017
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Are we really living “free” lives as we believe we are, or are we truly being shuttled through the very limiting confines of pre-determined systems that we fail to ever question? Today, I explore how the vast majority of us, no matter where we live in the world, stick to choices within a pre-determined academic system from age 6 to age 21, and then from a pre-determined corporate system from age 21 to age 65, and believe that we are living “free” lives, when in reality, we are really living lives within pre-determined systems of very limited choices. I also discuss the massive difference between schooling and education, which a large majority of us confuse as being the same.  In future vlogs, I will discuss how to escape this pre-determined “matrix” of life to live a free and rewarding life. To learn more about the future launch of our online academy SKWealthAcademy, a completely revolutionary educational platform that focuses on application of knowledge v. rote memorization and critical thinking v. behavioral conditioning (and emphasis on exam scores), please read our revamped SKWealthAcademy fact sheet here.

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SKWealthAcademy Vlog_003: The Real Purpose of the Justice System is Control, Not Justice

August 29th, 2017
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I discuss many of the false paradigms that those in power have constructed in order to control, not liberate us, including a legal system that is clearly enforced unequally, dependent upon how much money you have, and one in which the word “legal” does not necessarily mean moral by any stretch of the word moral, and which the word “illegal” does not necessarily mean immoral either. I discuss Apple Tim Cook’s  cratering to Chinese state demands to illustrate that corporations will almost never choose morality over profits. To learn more about the future launch of our online academy SKWealthAcademy, a completely revolutionary educational platform that focuses on application of knowledge v. rote memorization and critical thinking v. behavioral conditioning (and emphasis on exam scores), please read our revamped SKWealthAcademy fact sheet here.

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SKWealthAcademy Vlog_002: Could This Be the Leak that Stops the NWO Digital Currency Plan?

August 29th, 2017
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Originally uploaded on 26 July, in this SKWealthAcademy Vlog_002, I discuss how a massive leak of private citizen’s information in a country that has forced upon its citizens the adoption of a 100% digital currency platform may cause concern in other nations’ citizenry about following suit and adopting a 100% digital currency platform.  To learn more about the future launch of our online academy SKWealthAcademy, a completely revolutionary educational platform that focuses on application of knowledge v. rote memorization and critical thinking v. behavioral conditioning (and emphasis on exam scores), please read our revamped SKWealthAcademy fact sheet here.

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SKWealthAcademy_Podcast_002: How to Cure Boredom, Loneliness, Sadness & Live an Exciting Life

August 29th, 2017
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In this SKWealthAcademy Podcast_002, I discuss how the isolation of modern life, the stress of academic life, and the technology of smartphone applications has led to increasing levels of boredom, loneliness and sadness in both young adults and adults alike. I discuss various ways we can counter this negative trend, reinvent our life and make life exciting once again! Click here for a revamped SKWealthAcademy fact sheet to learn more about our upcoming IndieGoGo campaign and SKWealthAcademy launch.

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Has Silver Broken Out?

August 10th, 2017
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silver price break out

After calling the second-half 2017 lows for spot gold and spot silver prices almost to the exact dollar with gold and to the exact time period with silver, as pointed out in this article, I followed up this prediction on my daily snapchat channel, skwealthacademy, with another prediction once gold and silver asset prices illustrated some weakness to end July and to start August. When the MACD technical indicators all started to turn down in early August with spot gold, spot silver, and PM stock indexes, some stated that another prolonged banker raid on gold/silver asset prices would trigger an imminent plunge in all PM asset prices.

I, on the other hand, warned against being too strongly influenced and misled by the short-term “white noise” of declining gold and silver prices that manifested at the end of July and the start of August and instead stated last week, in my daily Snapchat stories that I posted, that a reversal was coming, possibly as early as this week. And yesterday, though it is still a little premature to confirm that a sustainable reversal is here, silver prices were up more than 3% from the prior day when I woke up today in Asia and gold prices had risen by more than 1.3%. Certainly, this is a good start to a potential reversal. Read the rest of this entry »

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Here’s What Will Send the Price of Gold and Silver Soaring

August 3rd, 2017
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China has been accumulating a lot of gold over the past decade. Furthermore, no one with any sense believes their “officially” reported reserve numbers, especially since I had been blogging for years that their official gold reserve data was nonsense. The Chinese government themselves substantiated my claim in 2015 by increasing their reserve numbers overnight by 60% to 1,658 tonnes from “official” reserves of 1,058 tonnes, the gold reserve number that the PBOC reported for six straight years prior. Even when this updated number was reported, I again, at that time, stated that such a number was a gross underreporting of their real reserves, as Chinese government officials had zero desire to reveal the strength of their hand in the middle of a global currency war. For the past two years, the PBOC again has failed to update their gold reserve data, and it still stands at 1,658 tonnes though many have speculated that the real number is upward of 20,000 to 30,000 tonnes based upon internal nationwide production that never leaves China, in addition to the extrapolation of Hong Kong gold import data that is publicly available. Global bank analysts, that tend not to look at real data that is available to estimate China’s real gold reserves, blindly report “official” data and used China’s reported 1,658 tonne number a couple of years ago to call the figure underwhelming, and in increase that would have no bullish effect on gold prices, simply because it fits into their unrealistic narrative that they wish to propagate to keep gold prices suppressed. Read the rest of this entry »

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