Podcast #4: Gold & Silver Propaganda V. Truth

April 15th, 2015
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Today, we discuss how the conversion of mainstream news into outright propaganda  prevents us from seeing financial truth when it is staring us right in the face, especially when it comes to financial news surrounding gold and silver. We further discuss how to clearly identify such propaganda and the measures you can take to prevent being influenced by such propaganda. We discuss the clear cracks that are showing up in the global banking and monetary system as illustrated by the actions of bankers all around the world, despite their contrary narrative that economies are improving in the very nations where the majority of citizens’ standard of living is dramatically decreasing. Finally we discuss why conversion of increasingly valueless paper and digital fiat currencies into physical gold and physical silver will be a lifesaver for those willing to sort through all the propaganda of the mainstream financial news and arrive at the truth and reality.

gold & silver propaganda versus the truthClick on the above image and then click on the text “Watch this video on YouTube” to listen to the above podcast. To download the above podcast on your smartphone or ipod, visit https://www.apple.com/itunes/, log in to itunes and then search the itunes store for the “smartknowledgeu podcast” which will contain all of our downloadable podcasts for free. To be informed of when we release future podcasts, merely subscribe to our YouTube channel here or subscribe to our podcast channel on itunes.

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Is A University Education Today Worth the Cost?

March 10th, 2015
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Albert Einstein once described education in this manner: “It is not so very important for a person to learn facts. For that he does not really need a college. He can learn them from books.  The value of an education in a liberal arts college is not the learning of many facts, but the training of the mind to think something that cannot be learned from textbooks” (Einstein, His Life and Times, by Philipp Frank). Unfortunately, industrialists and bankers who reshaped schooling to serve their needs during the Industrial Revolution have transformed institutional academia into the rote memorization of many facts and have rotated it away from real learning that trains the mind to think. In fact, just as the penal system “institutionalizes” young men that spend the majority of their youth incarcerated, the institutional academic system “institutionalizes” children that spend the majority of their youth being reprogrammed by the behavioral modification, Pavlovian conditioning, and Skinnerian operant conditioning objectives that industrialists and bankers have imbedded into the global academic system. In SmartKnowledgeU Podcast #3, we discuss the downfall and degradation of schooling from institutions of learning into institutions of behavioral modification that turn young children into people that “yield themselves with perfect docility to [the General Education Board’s] molding hands.” As the head of John D. Rockefeller’s General Education Board stated, bankers and industrialists desired to transform the purpose of schooling into one that revolved around “teach[ing] [children] to do in a perfect way the things their fathers and mothers are doing in an imperfect way” and to prevent children from evolving into learned men and women that may grow up to challenge their authority and that possess the desire to right the wrongs they see in society.


Though the shills that work for bankers and industrialists often successfully marginalize those that expose the true intentions of their academic system, in today’s podcast, we provide many direct quotes from many books and policy manuals that shaped the modern day education system so that everyone may come to their own conclusions. Furthermore, we provide many links to the referenced sources in the YouTube description of this podcast that is available on our SmartKnowledgeU YouTube video of this podcast as we encourage everyone to perform their own confirming research to draw their own conclusions about this extremely important topic. In fact, the reason so many of us today are so oblivious to the truth about today’s currency wars, today’s geopolitical confrontations between the US and Russia and the US and China, and today’s fragile state of many global markets can be directly attributed to much of the behavioral modification conditioning we undergo as children as we regress through the institutional academic system. In the end, once we learn the truth about the “modern” academic system, the question all of us should be asking today is if the cost of a university “education” is even worth it.  For those of you that would like a downloadable mp3 file of today’s podcast, please click this link.


I have been very careful to provide many direct quotes from education policy manuals and books that industrialists and bankers used to completely reshape the institutional academic system during the Industrial Revolution in the above podcast so that you may all draw your own conclusions based upon these objective quotes.  If you follow the YouTube link above and read the description, you will find many of the references listed so that you may confirm my research and read the referenced documents yourself. Past studies have illustrated that home-schooled children test out at equal or better levels on standardized testing compared to children that attend formal academic institutions at pennies on the dollar regarding the money spent to education each child. I firmly believe that those online education programs that focus on providing learning to children (as opposed to the focus on social and behavioral modification of formal academic programs) will not only be able to compete with higher institutions of schooling at a fraction of the cost, but will also be able to produce far superior learning to formal academic programs. In the end, the trend would definitely gravitate towards higher online learning at a fraction of the cost and away from the formal academic setting of a classroom if formal academic institutions do not drastically alter their methods of teaching to refocus on learning and “training the mind”. If today’s podcast subject fascinates you, please click here to download the fact sheet to learn more about our upcoming SmartWealth online education course. .



To listen to SmartKnowledgeU Podcast #3, click the above image, and  then click the link  “Watch this video on YouTube.”


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About the author of this podcast: JS Kim is the Founder and Managing Director of SmartKnowledgeU, a fiercely independent gold & silver research, education and consulting firm that is focused on protecting Main Street from the immoral practices of Wall Street by exposing the truth behind the big banks’ campaign of deceit. Download the fact sheet to the upcoming SmartWealth online education course here. Learn more about our flagship Crisis Investment Opportunities newsletter here, up +5.26% YTD in 2015.

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What We Can Learn From 26-Year Old Larry Sanders’s Decision to Walk Away From $21MM of a $44MM NBA Contract

February 26th, 2015
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What can we learn from a 26-year old young man named Larry Sanders, who decided to walk away from a four-year $44 million NBA contract? Plenty. Mr. Sanders did not walk away with nothing, however, as his team, the Milwaukee Bucks, bought out his contract somewhere in a reported $13MM to $15MM range. Consequently, in total, Mr. Sanders will still receive about $23MM or so of his original $44 million contract. Still, what would make a man walk away from $21MM in the prime of his athletic career? Mr. Sanders himself provided the answer yesterday in a personal video he released. To begin, he revealed that he has been suffering from anxiety, depression and mood disorders. He said that in seeking treatment for his emotional problems, he learned “what’s important and where [he] wants to devote [his] time” and that basketball at this stage in his life was just “consuming so much of [his] life and time,” that for him, it wasn’t “worth it.” But it’s his further revelations that shed more light on his decision. Read the rest of this entry »

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Sometimes to Uncover the Truth, You Have to Start with a “Conspiracy Theory”

February 24th, 2015
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By now, many of you are familiar with the quote I’ve used by famed German philosopher Arthur Shopenhauer several times in my past videos: “All truth passes through three stages. First, it is ridiculed. Second, it is violently opposed. Third, it is accepted as being self-evident.”  Unfortunately, for the vast majority of us, we never get beyond the first stage of uncovering the truth – the stage where it is mercilessly ridiculed by people that work tirelessly to conceal the truth and keep it hidden from you. For these reasons, you must stop listening to anyone out there that ridicules discussions of gold and silver price suppression schemes as the work of “conspiracy theorists” and “nutjobs”, because such ad hominem attacks should give rise to the realization that these people are working against your best interests.  It’s one thing if people keep calling a plot a conspiracy theory if there is no evidence to back up accusations of criminal machinations. It’s an entirely different and sinister accusation to make when mounds of evidence that proves such manipulations are ongoing already exist. Read the rest of this entry »

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SmartKnowledgeU Podcast #2: The Necessity of Diversity to Understanding Truth

February 21st, 2015
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In SmartKnowledgeU Podcast #2, we discuss The Necessity of Diversity to Understanding Truth. Without realizing it, many of us lead remarkably non-diverse lives. We go to work and socialize with the same people in our office after work. If we socialize with people outside our office, often it is with people still in our industry that think like us. We go to dinner with people of the same socioeconomic status and remarkably shut out socializing with people that are from different economic means as us because we believe they have nothing to teach us. We socialize with people of the same nationality and never learn that people from other countries may have markedly different views of the world than our own. And if socialize with people of different religions, we have been taught that religion is a taboo subject so we never really learn anything about any other religion outside of our own. Human nature draws people to others that look like us and think like us yet such behavior ensures that we all remain unthinking robots and never learn the real nature of finance, religion, mathematics, science, astronomy, history and a myriad of other subject matters. Diversity and the divergent thinking that arises from diverse perspectives are the most important teachers of critical thinking, and critical thinking, in turn, is the most important teacher of realizing the truth about almost all matters in life. We should all make a concerted effort to embrace as much diversity as possible in all facets of our lives. If anything, embracing diversity in our lives will steer us towards a process that provides us a much greater chance of uncovering the truth from the mountains of propaganda spewed by the mainstream media. The fact that the mainstream media is fraught with much more propaganda than truth is not a new concept, as Noam Chomsky discussed this topic at great length in his seminal book Manufacturing Consent more than a decade ago. However, today, diversity in our way of thinking is absolutely necessary to understanding truth, as things often are not what they appear to be. For example, is Syriza really fighting for the Greek citizens against the bankers, or are they a George Soros funded front to fool the people once again? The truth behind questions like this is often buried under mountains of propaganda and the only way to have a chance at arriving at the truth is to embrace as many possible perspectives as possible.

In our second podcast, we discuss why diversity in our lives is absolutely necessity to understanding truth. To download the mp3 file of this podcast, click the link below. To listen to this podcast on YouTube, click this link.


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SmartKnowledgeU Podcast #1

February 20th, 2015
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Here is the first SmartKnowledgeU Podcast #1 that we posted on our YouTube channel on 16 February 2015. As requested by some of our YouTube channel subscribers, please find a downloadable mp3 file of the said podcast. Basically for topics on our YouTube channel that run more than 15 to 20 minutes, we will be releasing them in the form of a podcast, available as downloadable mp3 files here and available to listen to on YouTube. To be informed of future podcasts, please subscribe to the SmartKnowledgeU YouTube channel here by clicking on the red “subscribe” button. Today, we discuss what bankers really mean by the word “bailout”, which is a false word in the manner in which they use it, and why the Greek Syriza party, Prime Minister Alexis Tsipras, and Finance Minister Yanis Varoufakis are so opposed to a Eurogroup “bailout” extension which will harm Greek citizens for decades to come. Furthermore we discuss the US NBC news anchor Brian Williams scandal, and why this scandal is so important as it relates to the mainstream media constantly deceiving the public with not only “fake”, made-up news about wars, but also banker propaganda and “fake”, made-up news about what is happening in the world of global finance. If you can make the leap in connecting the dots of the Brian Williams scandal to news anchors all over the world regularly reporting fake news about global finance, then you will be much better prepared to handle the coming financial earthquakes that are coming in 2015-2016 that will shock most people, but be expected by those willing to dig for the truth.

Download the SmartKnowledgeU #1 Podcast here

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Use the Golden Rule Daily to Make Everyone’s Life Better

February 5th, 2015
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Today we  take a break to extend our “Curiously Thirsty” series and we discuss how daily application of the Golden Rule can not only improve your life’s outlook but also perhaps help to change the outlook and consciousness of those around us that are unfortunately working to enslave, instead of free, humanity. At SmartKnowledgeU, we firmly believe that negativity breeds and welcomes negativity while positivity breeds and welcomes positivity. Sometimes it is up to us, and our choice, on whether we have a wonderful day or a horribly pessimistic day. In such uncertain economic times with volatility in financial markets at all-time highs and Central Bankers’ currency wars escalating and spreading misery around the world, often it can be difficult to maintain a positive outlook on life. However, simple remembrance of the power of the Golden Rule can often help us maintain a positive outlook when immersed in a negative environment and ha s transformative power to even change the negative people into a positive force for humanity.
In recent days, the Swiss Franc soared 37% in minutes against the Euro when Central Bankers reneged on a promise to keep the franc pegged to the Euro. March oil futures plunged by 8.7% yesterday, wiping out people, in just one day, that had gone long in oil markets on recent oil futures strength. These whiplash volatile events are not only indicative of the broken and structurally fragile nature of global markets today, but also a sign of the desperation of bankers to maintain manipulative control of the immoral wealth transference power of their fraudulent pricing mechanisms established within the global financial and banking system. This type of volatility should signal to the last doubters out there that bankers manipulate all capital markets and that the prices of stocks, real estate and commodity literally have nothing to do with real supply and real demand at times, but is instead steered solely by bankers that manipulate the underlying derivative contracts of these capital markets and that artificially set interest rates.
The currency wars that bankers have unleashed upon the world is wreaking havoc today on the financial livelihoods of people on every continent. As people rebel against the bankers’ imposition of austerity as is currently happening in Greece, Spain and in many other countries, it becomes even more important to apply the Golden Rule if we wish to avoid a devolution into violent chaos. Instead, we should all strive  to evolve into a higher consciousness where we consider if our gains in business come at the expense of creating poverty and hardships for others. There are so many people in today’s world, that would drastically change the manner in which they conduct business into a positive force for society instead of being a drain on society, if they only applied the Golden Rule. We have seen from the study of political revolutions, that often when one dictator is toppled in a country, another dictator unfortunately rises from the ashes to repl ace him.  We should be extremely wary of these historical lessons, and while we should join our brothers and sisters in Greece, Iceland, and Spain to topple our current immoral fraudulent platforms, we should be very mindful and practice The Golden Rule to ensure that other power hungry people do not rise up to assume the power void to establish an equally tyrannical banking and financial platform to replace any toppled one. I believe that staying mindful of the Golden Rule will help us to implement a new banking platform that will give rise to equal opportunity for all and that will help establish a new renaissance and positive outlook for all of humanity, when this time eventually arrives (and it will).  
A lot of people today are unaware that the “pull yourself up by your bootstrap” narrative has never been a fair saying or an accurate representation of global economic poverty as the type of banking system that has existed for more than a century has been one that overtly provides massive advantages to the uber wealthy while placing those in the middle class and the poor several kilometers behind them at the starting line (though this is a topic for another day, this is a topic that is factually correct and can be explained through a simple revelation of how our “modern” banking system truly operates today). In fact, under our current banking system, it is nearly impossible for the 3 billion people in this world that live in poverty to get out of poverty, simply because at the rate bankers are degrading the purchasing power of fiat currencies today, a jump in their salaries from $2 a day to $4 a day won’t even make a difference in their quality of life.
While we certainly require a revolution against the ongoing currency wars, we must remember, central to any revolution that spreads positivity to humanity is love, not hate. Below, I speak about the power of the Golden Rule and how we can use this simple maxim daily not only to improve our lives but to improve the lives of those that surround us, even if these people are negative. Give daily practice of the Golden Rule a try and experience its transformative power in your life!
the power of the golden ruleto watch the above video, click the above image and then click the text “watch this video on YouTube”
Don’t forget to check out our continuing videos on our “Curiously Thirsty” SmartKnowledgeU YouTube sub-channel that we started at the end of last year.  To receive notification of all our future video releases, simply subscribe to our YouTube channel by clicking here and then clicking on the red “subscribe” button on the right side of your screen. Here are some related videos below:


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The Curious Case of Germany’s Gold Repatriation Efforts

February 3rd, 2015
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The Curious Case of Germany’s Gold Repatriation Efforts, by JS Kim

Today we talk about the many fishy circumstances surrounding Germany’s alleged repatriation of 120 tonnes of gold, 85 from the US Federal Reserve and 35 from the Banque de France. Again, as was the case with the 5 tonnes allegedly repatriated from the US Federal Reserve in 2013, 50 of the 85 tonnes repatriated from the Fed Reserve bankers in 2014 was melted down and refabricated into new bars which indicates that of the 90 tonnes returned to Germany, that a minimum of the repatriated 55 tonnes was not Germany’s gold but belonged to another country. Common sense dictates that if the Federal Reserve still had Germany’s original bars then there would be no reason to melt down their original bars and refabricate them into new bars before returning them. So the still unanswered question is, “From where did this 55 tonnes of gold come?” In addition of the 35 tonnes that were reported to be in their original state, there still has been zero photographic evidence of this and only the word of bankers’, which, anyone knows is worth less than the paper on which it is written. Furthermore, of the 67 tonnes of gold repatriated from the Banque of France in the last two years, there has been no photographic evidence provided that these bars were returned in their original condition either. They may very well have been the original bars, but the important point is that there is zero transparency even in repatriation efforts and the exchange of gold between Central Bankers.


Finally, with the Federal Reserve releasing the data for their gold storage for the last month of 2014, the tonnes of gold that Central Bankers reported they withdrew from the Feds in 2014 does not match with the tonnes of gold Fed Reserve bankers reported as withdrawn from their storage facilities. Again, a logical person would conclude that the bankers that withdrew gold from the US Federal Reserve lied about the origins of their repatriated gold, the US Federal Reserve lied about how much gold they actually possess, or the US Federal Reserve lied about how much gold they actually returned to other Central Banks in 2014.Anyway you slice it, as can be expected with banker data about gold, the numbers do NOT add up.


germanauTo play “Fishy Circumstances: German Gold Repatriation”, click the above image  and then click the text “Watch this video on youtube”

ccofauTo watch the “Curious Case of German Gold that Came From Nowhere”, click the above image  and then click the text “Watch this video on youtube”

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Forex Chaos, Gold & Silver

January 27th, 2015
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In the below video, our Managing Director JS Kim discusses the chaos in forex markets caused by Swiss central bankers breaking their promise to keep the Swiss Franc pegged to the Euro at 1.20 and the subsequent affects on gold and silver markets.

wir            To play the above video, click on the above image,  then click on the text                               “Watch this video on YouTube.”

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2014 Year in Review: Gold, Silver & Banker Suicides

January 27th, 2015
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Below is a video in which our Managing Director discusses the significant global financial events in 2014 regarding gold, silver and the global banking industry. 2015 is setting up to be one filled with black swans and financial earthquakes.

Year in Review 2014: Gold, Silver and More                          To watch this video, click on the image above. Then click on the text                          “Watch this Video on YouTube.”

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Bank CEOs are the New Drug Lords

September 29th, 2014
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Bank CEOs are the New Drug Lords

Why I Would Work For Pablo Escobar Before I Would Work For Jamie Dimon, by JS Kim

banklordsBank CEOs are the New Drug Lords. Here is a list of some of the banks managed by Bank CEOs, aka the new Drug Lords, that were fined billions of dollars for fixing LIBOR rates and stealing money from clients: Lloyds Bank, RP Martin, Barclays, Deutsche Bank, Royal Bank of Scotland, Société Générale, JP Morgan, Citigroup, Barclays, United Bank of Switzerland and Rabobank. Here is a list of some of the banks in which the Bank Lords fixed FX rates and are currently negotiating fine amounts with the UK Financial Conduct Authority (FCA): Citigroup, HSBC, Royal Bank of Scotland, Barclays, JP Morgan and United Bank of Switzerland. HSBC had to pay nearly $2B in fines after its Bank CEO was allegedly caught overseeing the laundering of $7B in drug money for the notoriously violent and ruthless Sinaloa drug cartel among other Mexican drug cartels and committing a wide array of other crimes like laundering $290MM from Russian mobsters that told HSBC bankers that their vast profits came from a “used car business”. I say “allegedly caught”, because every time this happens, the bank CEO, in this case, HSBC CEO Stuart Gulliver, inevitably denies ever knowing that the cartel he was overseeing was laundering dirty blood money. The Bank Lords issue these ridiculous denials despite the fact that every independent investigator not on a Bank’s payroll that investigates banks’ money laundering schemes arrive at the same conclusion as Jose Luis Marmolejo, the former head of the Mexican attorney general’s financial crimes unit: “[The money laundering] went on too long and [the bank CEOS] made too much money not to have known.” And what about HSBC’s $2B assessed fine for laundering this blood money? In response to meaningless fines like this that never change banker behavior, Martin Woods, former senior anti-money laundering officer at Wachovia bank, implored, “What does the settlement do to fight the cartels? Nothing – it doesn’t make the job of law enforcement easier and it encourages the cartels and anyone who wants to make money by laundering their blood dollars. Where’s the risk? There is none. That is why HSBC is not the only cartel that houses bankers who have been caught laundering blood money in recent years. Wachovia Bank, Citigroup, Banco Santander, and Bank of America bankers have all been caught leading their banks in participation of this dirty deed as well. According to Paul Campo, head of the U.S. Drug Enforcement Administration’s financial crimes unit, drug traffickers used Bank of America to finance their drug smuggling operations for 10 tons of cocaine and laundered drug money through Bank of America accounts in Atlanta, GA, Chicago, IL, and Brownsville, TX from 2002 to 2009.

So how do Bank Lords get away with their dirty deeds scot-free? This month,  explosive evidence contained in 47.5 hours of secret recordings from Goldman Sachs whistleblower and former New York Federal Reserve employee Carmen Segarra provides the answers we already knew. Bank Lords have been buying off judges and regulators after already buying off cops (JP Morgan CEO Jamie Dimon “Gifts” Largest Donation Ever to NYPD of $4.6MM). When Fed regulators asked Segarra to alter minutes of meetings in which Goldman Sachs bankers’ immoral behavior was discussed in order to cover up the truth and to lie about the content of these meetings, Segarra decided to secretly record her meetings with her bosses. Below are some of the revelations contained in the transcripts of those secret recordings:


In one meeting Segarra attended, a Goldman employee expressed the view that “once clients are wealthy enough, certain consumer laws don’t apply to them.”

After that meeting, Segarra turned to a fellow Fed regulator and expressed how surprised she was by that statement — to which the regulator replied, “You didn’t hear that.”

When Segarra discovered multiple conflicts of interest in Goldman Sachs deals between Goldman Sachs bankers and their clients that led to deals being struck that would be the equivalent of  insider trading in the stock market and consequently discovered Goldman Sachs had no “conflict of interest” policy, her boss harassed her and demanded of Segarra,  “Why do you have to say there’s no policy?”

When Segarra complained to her legal and compliance manager, Jonathon Kim, of how her discoveries were being handled and told Kim that “even when I explain to [my superiors at the New York Federal Reserve] what my evidence is, they won’t even listen”, Kim reacted in an equally morally bankrupt manner as Segarra’s superiors, advising Segarra “to be patient” and to “bite her tongue.”


So now that we know that Bank Lords buy out morally-challenged regulators, cops and judges in return for carte-blanche to continue committing crimes, rig markets to collect undeserved and unearned kickbacks, and launder drug cartel money from violent cartels that murder 10,000 people a year (the Sinaloa drug cartel), is there really even a line in the sand that separates Bank Lords and Drug Lords, or have Bank Lords become the new Drug Lords?

bank lords are the new drug lordsLet’s take a closer look into the increasingly similar worlds of drug cartel and bank cartels. The last market bubble will not be the Chinese or Thai real estate bubble, the US stock market, the US student loan bubble or the Social Media bubble. If we take a look at the political cartoon to the left, drawn more than a century ago in 1907, we find that Bank CEOs have been engaging in the same nefarious deeds ever since they were able to put the global banking system on the fractional reserve banking platform. Banker immorality, having multiplied and grown for over a century, will be the last bubble to pop. To illustrate what I am talking about, let me pose this singular question: “Is it possible to prove that a notoriously violent Drug Lord provided more positive value to society during his reign of terror than criminal Bank Lords like Jamie Dimon, Lloyd Blankfein & Stuart Gulliver are providing during theirs?”  If we can make a strong case for a Drug Lord providing more social value and benefits than the largest Bank CEOs in the world, all else being equal, then this is the point when we know our future is dire, especially if we refuse to collectively revolt right now against the very banking system that enslaves us.

At first you may think that my aforementioned question is a ludicrous question. After all, how can the positive social benefits provided by a violent, murderous Drug Lord possibly exceed the social benefits, as non-existent as they may be, provided by the heads of the largest bank crime syndicates? Before we dismiss this question, let’s seriously explore it and see what conclusions we may draw from this exercise.

Every large drug cartel in the world, whether it was Pablo Escobar’s infamous Colombian Medellín cartel in the 1980s or El Chapo Guzman’s notorious Mexican Sinaloa cartel of today, has required the logistical support of a sophisticated banking division not just to survive, but to truly thrive. In fact, without the support of a large global Bank CEO, the largest drug cartels in the world would quickly crash and burn and the Drug Lords would disappear. As we explain in the next section, it is simple to conclude that without the consent and help of global Bank CEOs, the world’s largest drug cartels would not be viable. In the 1980s through the early 1990s, Pablo Escobar chose the Italian Banco Ambrosiano and allegedly the Vatican Bank as well to launder billions of his dirty money, while in more contemporary times, El Chapo Guzman handpicked HSBC Bank USA as his preferred bank to launder his billions.


Murder and Crime: Drug Cartels v. Global Banks

During his reign of terror, Pablo Escobar ordered the murder of an estimated 4,000 people, including hundreds of police officers, judges, lawyers, journalists and anyone that dared to oppose his violent drug cartel. Escobar even allegedly tortured his own associates that proved to be disloyal to him. However, of the thousands of murders committed by Pablo’s cartel, it was likely that he did not commit the murders himself. Drug Lords are notoriously careful about committing homicidal acts that would provide the evidence prosecuting attorneys need to put them behind bars for a very long time. It is more than likely that a man like Pablo Escobar paid others to carry out his murders for him. However, Banco Ambrosiano and Vatican Bank executives, if they did indeed knowingly launder Pablo’s billions as has been alleged, share a significant measure of complicity in Pablo’s murders. Without having a bank to launder his money, there would have been no reason for Escobar to continue operating his cocaine cartel and murdering the people that opposed him. Likewise, one can successfully argue that HSBC CEO Stuart Gulliver and top HSBC bankers enabled many more murders than even Escobar. The Mexican drug cartels, whose money HSBC laundered, have murdered an estimated 80,000 people since 2006 (10,000 murders between 2008 and 2012 by the Sinaloa drug cartel alone), far more murders than Escobar’s empire ever carried out. Even though Banco Ambrosiano and HSBC Bank CEOs were not directly giving the orders to murder people, you must connect the dots between the Bank CEOs that launder drug cartel money and the crimes committed by these drug cartels because the dots can NOT be separated. Both actions are inextricably linked to one another, and without the services of money laundering willingly provided by the bank CEOs, the 80,000 murders committed by the Mexican drug cartel criminals would not occur.

Former anti-money laundering officer Martin Woods wholly supports the above argument: “Is it in the interest of the American people to encourage both the drug cartels and the banks in this way? Is it in the interest of the Mexican people? It’s simple: if you don’t see the correlation between the money laundering by banks and the 30,000 people killed in Mexico (actually, 80,000 people have been killed in the Mexican drug wars since 2006), you’re missing the point.” After presenting evidence to Wachovia bank executives of their employees willingly laundering drug traffickers’ blood money, to which Wachovia bank executives responded by telling him to shut up and by trying to get him fired, Woods understandably quit his position with Wachovia in disgust, stating, “It’s the banks laundering money for the cartels that finances the tragedy.”

Here is a list of complaints Woods filed with the UK House of Commons, including accusations that the very regulatory agency that was supposed to aid his investigations to uncover truth, the UK Financial Services Authority (FSA), worked more against him than with him to clean up the crimes of the banking industry.

The only redeeming excuse that HSBC, Citigroup, Wachovia, and other Bank CEOs may have (that have collectively laundered billions upon billions of drug cartel blood money) is a proven ignorance of these activities occurring within their banking operations. However, as I previously stated, this excuse as a legitimate one is extremely unlikely. An abundance of journalists and law enforcement agencies that have studied internal bank documents to understand the complexity of drug laundering operations of big global banks always reach the same conclusion. US Customs Agent Robert Mazur and Mexican journalist Anabel Hernández, after years of meticulous research, both concluded that bankers at the highest levels of the drug-laundering bank – the CEOs, COOs, and CFOs – all know about these operations beyond any reasonable doubt and that ignorance of these immoral and illegal activities is nearly impossible. When I worked as a Private Banker for a large global banking firm many years ago, the top policy that was always stressed for all accounts, but in particular, any account that involved a steady stream of large and frequent cash deposits, was KYC, or Know Your Client. It was absolutely incumbent upon the banker to visit the operations, and “kick the tires” per se, of any account that generated large cash deposits to confirm the legitimacy of the cash flow. If the source of these large cash deposits could not be determined, then all such accounts were to be immediately terminated. Thus when men like HSBC CEO Stuart Gulliver profess complete ignorance of laundering billions of cash for drug cartels, I have to concur with Mazur and Hernández’s assessment, as the top experts in money laundering schemes, that it would have been nearly impossible for Gulliver not to know.

In conclusion, I would place Escobar in the category of “violence inflicted upon society”,  just slightly above global Bank CEOs because the drug lords are the ones giving the direct orders to murder tens of thousands while Bank CEOs are only enabling these murders through their drug laundering operations. However, banks must receive a black mark for willingly participating in extremely profitable, criminal drug laundering operations that leave a trail of tears and misery, as people like Martin Woods, Robert Mazur and Anabel Hernánde have all made it crystal clear through their work that it is near impossible for a Bank CEO not to willingly approve these types of extremely profitable operations that create tens of thousands of homicides. Furthermore, the comparison between Bank Lords and Drug Lords is made even more apropos when we examine some of the “turf wars” Bank Lords engage in when committing their crimes. Drugs never leave a drug-infested neighborhood when a corner dealer or even a regional distributor is murdered. Rather, a competing Drug Lord will fill the void left by a competitor’s demise and opportunistically expand his criminal empire by providing product distribution in regions where a void may develop. Likewise, when Deutsche Bank was recently forced to vacate one of the 12 seats in the gold & silver rigging game in London, Citigroup swooped in and took control over Deutsche Bank’s vacated turf.


Quality of Life/Social Contributions: Drug Cartels v. Global Banks

Cocaine cartel Drug Lord Pablo Escobar, at the height of his cartel, was believed to have supplied an astounding 75% of the entire world’s cocaine, as strong a monopoly on cocaine as is the US military-protected Afghan poppy fields that recently supplied between 95% to 98% of all heroin distribution today. Pablo’s cocaine empire was so far reaching that Roberto Escobar, one of Pablo’s closest brothers, estimated Pablo’s annual profits to be in the range of $20 billion a year. According to the United Nations Commission on Narcotic Drugs, in 1982, cocaine usage peaked in the United States at about 10.5 million users. Historically, the US has accounted for roughly 40% of all global cocaine users. Using these figures, we can roughly estimate total global recreational cocaine use at 26.25 million users at the height of cocaine’s popularity in the early 1980s. Now let’s factor in the worst possible case scenario for every single one of these 26.25 million cocaine users. Let’s assume, in the worst possible case scenario, that not a single one of them was a functional recreational cocaine user and that every single one of these global cocaine users caused stress and trouble for at least 10 other family members and friends, so that 26.25 million X 10, or 262 million people were adversely affected in some social manner by cocaine users. Since Escobar supplied 75% of all cocaine users at the peak of his operations, in a worst possible case scenario with ludicrous worst possible case assumptions, one would conclude that Escobar had a negative social impact on 75% of 262 million, or 196 million people, in this world. Now you may think to yourself, “Wow, that is a lot of people for one cartel to negatively affect” and you would be correct.

But yet, if we compare the negative social value of Pablo Escobar’s drug cartel versus that of the criminal Central Bank cartel, it simply pales in both magnitude and lasting effect. In 1982, during the peak years of Escobar’s operations, the global population was about 4.6 billion people. The decisions that the Central Banking cartel made back then negatively affected not 196 million people as did Pablo’s empire under a worst-case scenario, but exceeded this worst-case scenario by 4,404,000,000 people. Why does the negative reach of the Central Banking cartel extend so much further than that of a drug cartel? To begin, the Central Banking cartel’s fractional reserve banking policies drain the purchasing power from the savings of every single person on on the planet – fathers, mothers, sons, and daughters, aunts, uncles, grandmothers, and grandfathers. Ever since their existence, Central Bankers have created massive amounts of new money through a process called fractional reserve banking that has created annual inflation rates that far exceed any annual cost of living adjustments (COLA) that any nation’s citizens receive from their employers. Thus every year, the Central Banking cartel robs the wealth of every single man, woman and child on earth and deliberately makes every single human being’s life on this planet less enjoyable and more difficult. To compare apples to apples, we simply use the 4.6 billion global population figure that existed at the height of Escobar’s drug empire to estimate the negative-reach of the Central Banking cartel. Fractional reserve banking policies employed by every global commercial banker on earth makes it impossible for large percentages of people that dwell in poverty to ever move out of poverty, and these policies adopted systemically by Bank CEOs in the global banking system cause millions of people worldwide to lose homes, jobs, and emotional stability.

Most people don’t understand the above facts about fractional reserve banking policies because governments release bogus “official” inflation statistics through the banker-owned press and media. For example, in the US, the official government rate of inflation in September 2013 was 1.5% and was reported by the US government to be 1.6% for the entire 2013 fiscal year. However, the inflation rate in the US is only so low because, as ludicrous as this sounds, bankers literally have stripped out the largest components of inflation from the equation they use to calculate inflation. A comparable lie would be if you stripped out all components of heat from a heat index and reported that it was -30 Celsius at noon in the Saharan dessert during the hottest month of the year. If you take an honest equation for inflation, as others like John Williams of shadowstats.com have done, then we know inflation rates were more than 9%, or more than 6 times higher than the “official” US government inflation rate of 1.5%. In 2002, none other than the Chairman of the US Central Bank, Alan Greenspan, stated, “The price level in 1929 was not much different, on net, from what it had been in 1800. But in the two decades following the abandonment of the gold standard in 1933, the consumer price index in the United States nearly doubled. And in the four decades after that, prices quintupled. Monetary policy, unleashed from the constraint of domestic gold convertibility, had allowed a persistent over issuance of money.” In essence, Greenspan stated that in just 60 years, prices had increased by 10 times due to fraud committed by Central Bankers and their deliberate “persistent over issuance of money”  - fraud that negatively affected every human being on Planet Earth.

If you were a 20-year-old young adult that had just graduated college with a starting $30,000 a year salary in 1933, by 1993, just 60 years later, you would have to be earning an annual salary of $300,000 just for your salary to have the SAME purchasing power as your 1933 salary. In other words, you would have had no better a quality of life in terms of purchasing power, earning $300,000 a year in 1993 than you would have had earning just $30,000 a year in 1933 due to the Central Bank cartel’s destruction of currencies. Furthermore, since Alan Greenspan was using the bogus US government “official” rates of inflation to make his calculations, the above example I’ve provided actually UNDER-ESTIMATES the reality of the negative social impact of the Central Banking cartel as $300,000 1993 dollars would actually have LESS purchasing power than $30,000 1933 dollars. Of course, other tangibles such as better technology in 1993 versus 1933 would grant one a better overall quality of life, but technological advances that create improvements in quality of life are certainly not attributable to bankers.

If you’re old enough to remember growing up in a time where your father was the sole breadwinner of your household, your mother stayed at home and raised you, you had 2, 3, or even 4 other siblings, and no one was ever without food or clothes and you were considered middle class, that “middle class” life today has all but vanished and has become extinct thanks to the global scam of fractional reserve banking. And we can all thank the criminal Central Bank cartel, as well as their shills and misinformation agents such as Warren Buffet, Charlie Munger, Bill Gates, Jamie Dimon, etc. for this new, much more miserable reality. It amazes me that even when ex-bankers like Greenspan make admissions of their criminal negative impact upon society, that those working within the banking industry still refuse to process the inherently immoral nature of the crime syndicate for whom they work, such is the utter success of bankers’ centuries-old propaganda campaigns.


Economic/GDP Contributions, Drug Cartels v. Global Banks

Let’s assume that the creation of debt has a net negative overall affect on society (as debt creation drains the wealth of individuals) while the creation of GDP has a net positive affect on society. In the past 15 years, G7 Central Bankers created $7 of debt for every $1 of GDP that they contributed to society, resulting in a net negative [-$6] contribution. In the late 1980s through the early 1990s, drug lord Pablo Escobar “came to control 75 percent of the global [cocaine] market, with [drug] revenues from trafficking equivalent to [a positive] +5 percent share of the country’s GDP.” (Source: Garcio -Bario, Constance. “U.S. War on Drugs in Colombia is Ravaging Farmers and Land”, 2 March 2004. Common Dreams Newscenter). In fact, Pablo Escobar always declared, at every opportunity afforded him, his belief that he was helping Colombia’s economy more than he was hurting it: “The entire economy benefits from drug money; those who traffic and those who do not. If a drug trafficker builds a house, the peasant who cuts the wood for it benefits from that.”  Unfortunately, it is exactly this flawed belief of Escobar’s that valued money over all other factors, including morality, that the vast majority of today’s global Bank CEOs have embraced. Though there is no honor in the above statement, whether you agree with it or not, in regards to economic contributions to society, it is obvious that Escobar’s drug cartel produced far more value in terms of GDP for society than bank cartels.


Goodwill, Drug Cartels V. Global Banks

Pablo Escobar, during the height of his drug cartel’s success, was credited with being directly responsible for pulling thousands of his countrymen out of poverty and providing them with jobs. With his billions of drug cartel money, Escobar built schools, hospitals, fútbol fields, and churches and even sponsored many little-league community fútbol teams. Escobar even built housing developments with his blood money and gave thousands of units to poor people rent-free. Of course, these actions were not all altruistic by any means as Pablo’s dealers also were known for widely distributing cocaine in the same housing developments that Escobar built for the poor. Thus, by giving away these apartments, Escobar was ensuring himself of a steady supply of customers.  Despite these obvious contradictions, for all the goodwill that Pablo generated in Colombia, he was revered by thousands in his country as a saint during the height of his empire and still is today. However, to many others, he was and still is a monster.

While I am sure that Jamie Dimon, Lloyd Blankfein, Brian Moynihan, Stuart Gulliver, Michael Corbat, Hank Paulson, Ben Bernanke, Peter Zöllner, Christine Lagarde, Mario Draghi, and Mark Carney have all made sizeable donations in their communities at some point and to civic-minded organizations like hospitals and schools and the arts, their more prominent donations seem to be to the police state that can ensure that their rule of corruption will continue. JP MorganChase CEO Jamie Dimon’s well–publicized 2011 $4.6 million payoff to the New York Police Department coincided with a violent police crackdown on Occupy Wall Street protests of Wall Street’s biggest and most corrupt banks, including JP Morgan. Never in a thousand years would hundreds of thousands of the poorest people in any community anywhere in the world call Bernanke, Saint Ben, Blankfein, Saint Lloyd, Moynihan ,Saint Brian, or Dimon, Saint Jamie. Exploring this topic exposes the ludicrous nature of the inseparable relationship between Drug Lords and Bank Lords. If Bank CEOs did not launder Pablo’s money, Pablo would not have been able to build his schools, churches, medical facilities, homes and community recreational centers. Thus, are Bank CEOs contributing to society because they enable Drug Lords to provide thousands of jobs in their communities?


Global Wars: Drug Cartels v. Global Banks

In the category of war and war crimes, who inflicts more harm upon humanity – Drug Lords or Bank CEOs? Though we know that Drug Cartels are drains on the financial resources and budgets of many governments worldwide due to the “War on Drugs” that governments wage upon them, these wars are limited in scope and finances, and are just a drop of water in the ocean when compared to the wars that are financed by Central Banks. Furthermore, the “War on Drugs” is a false war whose true purpose is not to eradicate drugs from neighborhoods but to enrich various parties involved in executing the War on Drugs, namely the military industrial complex, government officials and bankers. Criminal bank cartels are the first enablers of every major war in world history, and other than defense contractors, the largest war profiteers of any global industry. In some instances, the Central Bankers are even alleged to have instigated and encouraged wars to fulfill their own political agendas.

In Tragedy and Hope: A History of the World in Our Time (1966), Dr. Carroll Quigley, a Professor of History at Georgetown University, and US President Bill Clinton’s mentor, wrote:

“[T]he powers of financial capitalism had another far-reaching aim, nothing less than to create a world system of financial control in private hands able to dominate the political system of each country and the economy of the world as a whole. This system was to be controlled in a feudalist fashion by the Central Banks of the world acting in concert, by secret agreements arrived at in frequent private meetings and conferences. The apex of the system was to be the Bank for International Settlements in Basel, Switzerland, a private bank owned and controlled by the world’s central banks which were themselves private corporations.”

Dr. Quigley stated that the key to the Banking Cartel’s success was to control and manipulate the currency supply of a nation while lying to and informing the public that their government was in control of the currency supply. Thus it is no coincidence that five countries the US has invaded in the last decade – Lebanon, Iraq, Libya, Somalia and Sudan – all are not member states of the Bank for International Settlements (BIS), the Central Bank of Central Banks – while a sixth the US attempted to invade before being rebuffed by Russia’s Putin, Syria, is also NOT a member state of the BIS.

Although many American children have falsely been taught in schools that the Revolutionary War started with a protest against prohibitive taxes on tea and stamps known as the Boston Tea Party, Benjamin Franklin correctly explained that it was the inability of the Colonists to get the power to issue their own money, permanently out of the hands of King George III and the international bankers, that was the prime reason for the Revolutionary War.  However Ben Franklin was incorrect about his perceived success of the American Revolutionary War, because the Rothschild banking families still maintained control over America’s currency supply after the so-called “revolutionary” war ended.

French leader Napoleon Bonaparte stated: “When a government is dependent upon bankers for money, they and not the leaders of the government control the situation, since the hand that gives is above the hand that takes. Money has no motherland; financiers are without patriotism and without decency; their sole object is gain.” In response to Napoleon’s rich understanding of the nefarious objectives of powerful banking families, the Rothschild banking cartel funded the Franco-Prussian war to allegedly put an end to Napoleon’s rule of France.

During the Civil War, US President Abraham Lincoln stated: “The money powers prey upon the nation in times of peace and conspire against it in times of adversity. It is more despotic than a monarchy, more insolent than autocracy, and more selfish than bureaucracy. It denounces as public enemies all who question its methods or throw light upon its crimes. I have two great enemies, the Southern Army in front of me and the bankers in the rear. Of the two, the one at my rear is my greatest foe.” President Lincoln was murdered on April 14, 1865, less than two months before the Civil War ended.

35th US President John F. Kennedy was intent on shutting down the US Federal Reserve and the IRS due to the same realizations of his predecessors that the Central Banking cartel was nothing more than a crime syndicate posing as a legitimate entity and signed Executive Order 1110 on June 4, 1963 that stopped the creation of US Federal Reserve Notes, removed the power of the Rockefellers, JP Morgan, Rothschilds, Warburgs, et al from creating currency in the United States, and returned the power of coining currency to the US Treasury, with the intent of forever retiring criminal fractional reserve currency from use inside the United States. Just five months later, JFK was murdered and his successor, Lyndon B. Johnson, immediately cancelled Executive Order 1110 and reinstated criminal fractional reserve banking in the United States.

To this day, the private banking families that own the US Federal Reserve are the principal financiers of all modern wars, including wars in Libya, Somalia, Iraq, Afghanistan, etc. , providing the war appropriation funding to governments for which governments must pay these bankers interest. When estimates of the US-Iraq War alone have been in the $2 trillion range, it is self-evident that bankers are making out like bandits from funding such wars. Furthermore, as Central Bankers create massive amounts of money (debt) out of thin air to fund major wars, it is self-evident that the creation of 2 trillion new dollars just to fund the Iraqi War has a hugely negative impact upon world citizens as it destroys the purchasing power of all existing dollars in circulation. In other words, every major war leaves the citizens of the nations involved in that war, as well as all global holders of the two currencies used in the warring nations, poorer and in a worse economic state. Though it is beyond the scope of this article, if you research current global geopolitical tensions between Russia, China and the US by following the trail of money, you will discover that this too has originated from disputes over the desire of Federal Reserve bankers to maintain US dollar hegemony and to prevent the petro-Yuan from replacing the petro-dollar  in international trade.

Furthermore though we have informed you earlier in this article that Pablo Escobar was believed to have been responsible for over 4,000 murders whereas El Chapo Guzman was believed to have been responsible for over 80,000 murders, these despicable inhumane statistics still pale in comparison to the more than 4,486 US soldiers killed, more than 1 million Iraqis killed, 3.5 to 5 million refugees, and 15 million Iraqis living in poverty, created from the singular US-Iraq War (Source: http://web.mit.edu/humancostiraq/). Since Drug Wars to bring down Pablo Escobar don’t come anywhere close to creating the massive level of debt from just one war that Central Banks fund, nor do they come close to the numbers of murders that intense political wars cause, it is apparent that not even Drug Lords can compete with Bank Lords when it comes to spreading misery through the vehicle of global war.

Just a hundred years ago, it was common knowledge among the people that any war in which their leaders entangled them was going to cheapen the currency held in their savings, and consequently, the majority of people always fiercely contested every war and insisted on diplomacy over war whenever possible. Today, it is a sad state of affairs when bankers, through the vehicle of nationalism, have been able to convince people to cheer for their own economic demise, as state announcements of war against other nations are often met with zombie-conditioned, nationalistic chants of “[insert country name here]” versus the thoughtful intelligent protests over currency devaluations that used to meet every single build-up to war just a couple of generations ago.

In conclusion, we have summed up the societal value of a drug cartel like Pablo Escobar’s cocaine empire versus the societal value of Global Banking/ Central Banking Crime Syndicates in the below chart.

do global bank CEOs do more harm to society than drug lords?

In every category above, the Drug Lord causes less damage to humanity than Bank Lords. When the negative social value of a violent murderous Drug Lord can be successfully argued to be far less than the negative social value created by a sociopathic Bank Lord, we have truly reached the crossroads to determine our future. Either we all stand united and take action starting today to topple the current immoral and misanthropic global banking system, or we resign ourselves, our children and our grandchildren to another century of slavery and tyranny. The collective choice is ours to make.

If you really care about the future of this world and the future of your children and grandchildren, I implore you to please send this article to every single person you know that works for a large global bank to enlighten them about the atrocious, horrific crimes that are being committed by their leaders. Robert Mazur, an anti-money laundering expert that works closely with US law enforcement agencies is on record as stating that the only thing that will make the [bank CEOs] properly vigilant to what is happening is when they hear the rattle of handcuffs in the boardroom.” As there could not have possibly been a stronger, air-tight case made in the favor of pre-meditation and prior knowledge of money laundering against HSBC CEO Stuart Gulliver and other top executive HSBC bankers, and even this “can’t fail” case failed to jail any HSBC banker, it is obvious that the only way to stop the crimes of the new Bank Lords is through grass-roots activism.

As I have repeatedly stated in this article, when the Bank CEOs know that there is zero risk of going to jail, even after they are caught, or of suffering any negative repercussions from continuing to bathe in blood money, they will never cease engaging in the types of crimes that drags the world further into darkness. And even if Nanex’s Eric Scott Hunsader did say tongue-in-cheek that he would “put everything he had in Goldman Sachs because these guys can do whatever they want” after listening to the secret tapes whistleblower Carmen Segarra made of her conversations with her bosses and between her colleagues and Goldman Sachs executives, there are surely a lot of people that will act on such knowledge to help these Bank CEOs become even more powerful and wealthy (i.e. buying their stock instead of divesting, closing deals with them, etc.). In fact, today’s Bank Lords enjoy a level of special immunity from prosecution against their crimes that no Drug Lord in history ever was able to secure, and this makes the Bank Lords even more powerful than the Drug Lords they are replacing in the global crime syndicate. And this is why only we can really force significant change and stop the transformation of the big bank CEOs into the next Pablo Escobars and El Chapo Guzmans. Please participate in raising awareness about this extremely important issue and help us to light up the darkness by sending this article to every friend or acquaintance you know that works for a large global bank and ask them to follow their consciousness and morality.

About the author: JS Kim is the Managing Director of SmartKnowledgeU, a fiercely independent investment research, consulting and education firm. Learn how to combat banking corruption with targeted wealth preservation strategies and read our SmartWealth fact sheet to learn how you can win a free membership to our newest service, the SmartKnowledgeU SmartWealth Progra  (an alternative educational program that breaks down how global capital markets really operate), coming soon. Follow us on Twitter, subscribe to ourYouTube Channel and join our LinkedIn group.

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Do NOT Let Weakness in Gold & Silver Paper Markets Lead Your Wealth Preservation Strategies Astray

September 24th, 2014
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A week ago, I wrote an article titled, “Do NOT Let The Strong US Dollar Illusion Lead Your Wealth Preservation Strategies Astray.” Today, I am releasing the corollary to that article with this one. I strongly emphasize that just as you should not be fooled by an illusion of a strong US dollar, you should not be fooled by the pro-USD banking cartel similarly-created illusion of weak gold and silver prices in paper markets. While true that I have held a long-term bullish outlook regarding gold and silver, my immediate-outlook in recent months has been markedly bearish in gold and silver as stated on my blog, and in much greater detail in my client research reports. At the very end of last year, I wrote an article “All the Big Banks are Saying Gold Will Crash in 2014, But That’s Not What Will Happen”. Observing my specific comments in that article, I stated “a gold collapse to $800 or $400 a troy ounce, as ScotiaMocatta’s Simon Weeks predicted would happen in 2014, was patently ridiculous.” Today, with gold still above $1,220, I still stand by that comment I made 9-months ago, as an additional 34% to 67% collapse in gold prices in the last quarter of this year would be necessary for Simon Week’s prediction to come true. Read the rest of this entry »

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Massive Corporate Layoffs in US Sparks Massive Rises in Stock Prices?

September 18th, 2014
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For the past year, we’ve had a binge of corporate layoffs in America. Recently it was reported that AMR Corp., which operates American Airlines, would slash about 13,000 jobs, about 1 out of every 7 jobs in their current workforce. Microsoft has reported it will fire 18,000 employees, also about 1 out of every 7 of their current employees. Hewlett Packard announced it planned to cut 16,000 of its current jobs this year (about 5% of its workforce), after already firing 34,000 already in the last two years. This means that since 2011, Hewlett Packard will have fired about 1 out of every 7 employees. Merck Pharmaceuticals announced that they would fire 13,000 employees, or about 1 out of every 6 employees, which means that since 2009, Merck will now have fired an astonishing 37% of its employees.


With all of the above companies firing a very significant percent of their workforce in order to cut costs in a struggling economy in which sales and revenues for many industries have been significantly decreasing across the board, one would expect these corporate layoffs to translate into big trouble for these companies’ stock prices, right? Wrong. Look at the share prices of these companies below this year. Read the rest of this entry »

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